12 Digital Marketing Tactics For Generating Online Leads For Your Business

Lead generation is one of the biggest challenges for business owners and marketers. Increasing leads means boosting brand awareness, an interest in products and services, and nurturing prospects through the digital marketing and sales funnel. If done right, lead generation tactics can help create meaningful, long-term relationships with customers.

This article discusses the most effective digital marketing strategies for lead generation that should enable you to attract and convert qualified prospects.


1. Offer Gated Content

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This type of content is different from regular web pages and blog posts as it is locked and only accessible after filling out a form. Gated content requires the audience to complete lead capture to access the content.

Such a lead generation strategy is effective as it gives your audience something valuable while capturing high-quality leads interested in what you have to offer. Some of the best examples of gated content include worksheets, ebooks, whitepapers, courses, reports, etc.

2. Use Chatbot Conversations

Chatbots can prove to be a powerful marketing tool, particularly for marketers who don’t find enough time to spend on generating leads.

As bots are available 24×7, it is a great way to build trust and rapport with prospects. See that you set them in a way that they reflect your brand identity and work as extensions of your sales and marketing teams.

3. Optimize Social Profiles

It is easy to reach your prospects if you can promote your business on social media networks. There are several ways to use multiple online platforms for lead generation.

Highlight the lead magnet on your pages to make sure users can clearly see your offer and take the next step. Also, use call-to-action buttons to link to your lead magnet rather than driving visitors to your homepage.

4. Host Online Events

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Conduct an online event to get an opportunity to connect with your target audience and capture their contact info.

Live events can also be used as a way to interact with the prospects in real-time to resolve their queries, answer their questions, learn more about them and guide them through the sales funnel.

See that your business regularly hosts pre-recorded as well as live events like webinars, meetups, seminars, workshops and more to generate leads from ideal prospects.

5. Create a Newsletter

One of the most effective ways to use branded content for lead generation is to create a value-packed newsletter that inspires prospects to stay connected with your brand.

Such content allows you to promote your services and products to further drive prospects down the sales funnel.

Some of the best examples of content you can include in your newsletter can be upcoming events, special offers, blog posts, product/service updates, or recommended reads from thought leaders.

6. Offer Discounts or Coupons

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An excellent way to convert prospects interested in your offerings is by introducing a discount or an offer on the purchase. This would attract high-quality short and long-term leads.

You can not only convert bottom-of-the-funnel prospects into customers but also engage people interested in regularly buying from your brand. One of the best examples of such an offer is a percentage discount on the first purchase for subscribers.

7. Give a Free Trial or Freemium

You can easily capture leads from qualified prospects interested in your offerings by giving them a freemium product or free trial. These free things are great at attracting people who like your brand but aren’t ready to make a purchase.

Once they sign up for the free trial, you can promote the features and advantages of paid accounts to convert them into premium customers.

8. Optimize the Website

As your business website is the primary traffic source, you should first ensure that your visitors can easily access it. Problems with loading, speed, and user interface can all contribute to driving away traffic.

Promote your lead magnets around the website by adding them as a primary call to action on the homepage, using a popup, or adding them at the end of pages and blogs. Keep track of which companies and clients visit your website to come up with a personalized follow-up plan to bring in more leads.

9. Promote your Business through Paid Social Media Advertising

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Paid social media ads work as an effective lead generation strategy. Instagram and Facebook have some of the most powerful targeting options to help reach out to the people likely to have an interest in your brand and products.

These platforms allow targeting people through segmentation by demographics, location, behavior, and interests to let you connect with a highly specific audience. So users are very much interested to invest in growth services like Instagram growth service and other services to get more exposure.

Businesses can quickly create high-quality videos using an online video editor to build consistent engagement via content on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

10. Target the Right Keywords

To attract your prospects towards your lead magnets, create a strategy that targets keywords they search for. Consider doing some research to find out phrases your potential customers use to find products and services they are looking for.

There are several ways you can target these keywords, including pay-per-click marketing, blog strategy, and social media content.

Moreover, see that you keep updating your target keywords by uncovering what your competitors are using to generate leads. It is easy to optimize your content by understanding what keywords work for your niche market and target audience.

11. Personalize Content

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A generalized landing page can never do any good when it comes to increasing your conversion rate as they focus on targeting a broad spectrum of users.

An effective way to generate leads from the traffic coming to your website is to provide personalized content to visitors.

You may consider showing different content to a marketing agency than to a company’s CEO. Personalize the website content by identifying the desires and needs of different user groups and you can better engage and convert them.

12. Leverage the Power of Retargeting

Don’t lose hope if your prospects don’t convert during their initial interaction with your brand.

Retarget audiences who engaged with your brand but did not proceed to the next step. Retargeting works by displaying ads to people who visited your social pages or website.

Final Thoughts

Effective lead generation strategies differ for businesses depending on their goals and target audience. Moreover, generating a stream of high-quality leads is not something that can be accomplished overnight.

Lead generation is a continuous process that involves working on perfecting your strategies to see the desired results. These digital marketing tactics should provide you with a good starting point to attract strong leads and boost conversions.

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