4 Organic Growth Strategies For Your Instagram Business Account

Instagram has become an integral part of social media marketing. With millions of active users, it’s one of the cost-effective methods to increase the visibility of a business. Hence, most organizations have an official Instagram account.

An Instagram business account offers appealing features that help companies market their products or services and engage with their followers. One of these features is Content Insights, where you can view stories and posts by engagement, likes, comments, followers, profile visits, saves, impressions, and reach. It helps companies figure out which posts do well and why. Once they know what kind of content suits their audience best, they share similar content and apply new ways to improve it while staying true to their branding.

Audience Insights are another feature that companies benefit from. It provides relevant and essential demographic information about their followers, plus data about top locations where users who engage with their page are from. Because it includes a section where you can view the average times and days of week followers are active on Instagram, companies can plan their content and when they should post to increase their engagement.

Laptop and smart phoneIn addition to Content and Audience Insights, Activity Insights comes with an interactions section that will provide information on the actions taken on your profile over the past week, such as website clicks and profile visits. This section also reveals actions taken on buttons, like directions, email, and calls. On the other hand, the discovery section will offer information on the number of impressions (like repeat views by the same accounts and times your posts have been viewed) and the number of reached accounts.

But even with these features, your business account must be able to generate a lot of organic traffic. Here are a few simple but effective organic growth strategies for your Instagram business account.


1. Avail Of An Instagram Growth Service

Marketing a business through Instagram on your own isn’t easy since you’ll have to spend long hours analyzing followers, creating engaging content, and planning how to boost growth. So, it will be more practical to avail of an organic Instagram growth service.

By taking advantage of an organic Instagram growth service, you’ll have more time to focus on the management of your business. Moreover, you can trust them to have extensive knowledge of Instagram marketing. They can recommend the best promotional campaigns to boost your Instagram organic growth.

2. Publish Valuable Content

They say that content is the king of digital marketing. And that’s true when it comes to promoting your business via Instagram.

Customers or consumers will want to visit your business’s Instagram page to find specific information. That’s why you need to post valuable content on your account.

To publish relevant content on your account, you need to analyze the interests of your target audience. Research to find out what needs or problems they want to solve. After that, share content that directly touches on your customers’ needs.

You can develop online content on your own, but if you’re too busy or you lack experience, you may consider working with professionals like Path Social.

3. Respond To All Comments Or Feedback

Man with a smart phoneAnother effective organic growth strategy is to respond to users’ comments. Any visitor who checks out your Instagram page might want to engage with your brand. So, if you fail to interact with them, they might decide to check out your competitors. Therefore, you need to be ready to respond to comments, be it positive or negative.

Show appreciation to those that send positive comments and try to provide solutions to issues addressed in negative comments. Only by responding to comments will customers see that you care about them. As a result, they stay loyal to your brand. The stronger their loyalty, the more Instagram traffic your business enjoys.

However, you might not be able to respond to every customer’s comment because of other essential tasks you need to take care of. Besides, you won’t be able to stay active on Instagram 24/7. In that case, you can install software that will help you respond to customers’ comments automatically.

4. Work With Influencers

A powerful promotional tool for business growth, influencer marketing involves hiring social media personalities or other public figures to market your products or services.

Most influencers have a large following that trusts them. In other words, a social media personality can influence the purchasing decisions of their audiences.

To engage with the right audience, find an influencer interested in your products and equipped with vast knowledge of the industry you’re in. They will encourage their followers to visit your Instagram page and support your brand.


Setting up an Instagram business account is the way to go if you want to generate more leads and sales. With an account on a popular social media platform, you’ll be able to reach a wide audience. However, having an account won’t be enough. You need to implement organic growth strategies, so your business can thrive on Instagram.

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