How To Root Xiaomi Mix 4?

Hey folk, do you want to Root Xiaomi Mix 4 new smartphones? If yes, then this guide is especially for you. This article will guide you in-depth, so after reading this guide, you can easily root your Root Xiaomi Mix 4 device.

We’ll guide you through three methods to Root Xiaomi Mix 4 devices, including the PC and without PC methods. Go with that method which you feel comfortable with.

But before going to the immediate rooting process, you should have information about rooting like Pros and cons after rooting a device, and most asked why you need to root your android smartphone. Soon you’ll get every answer in this article, Just stay tuned with us.



SafeBoxGuide is not responsible for any kind of loss. The method of rooting in this article only works for a specific device. Don’t try this same Method for another device; if you do, this may be the reason you get brick.

Be careful while rooting your Root Xiaomi Mix 4 device. I suggest that you read the rooting process at least two times, because if you read this guide two times, then there are fewer chances of mistakes by you.

And last but not least, SafeBoxGuide is neither affiliated with any program nor sponsors any application to mention in this article. we only guide via these applications because these are easy to use and have easy interfaces.

What Is Root?

Root allows its users to customize android devices. It gives the administrator access to the user’s hand. By default, your manufacturer doesn’t provide you with permission to do this, but Root allows.

Below mentioned methods also work for Root Xiaomi Mix 4, so don’t worry because the manufacturer of this device has the same and almost similar vital features.

Why do you need to Root Xiaomi Mix 4?

Behind every work, there is a reason. So before rooting your android device, you should have a proper reason to root your smartphone.

But before going to the next steps, we should be thankful to the TWRP team and xda developers because these things can’t be possible without them.

Whether there are many third-party applications available on the play store, but xda developer and TWRP both are the sign of trust. So you can go with them. Did you enjoy this guide?

As everyone knows, after rooting, smartphones became very fast. But it’s ultimately a myth. Yes, I agree that after rooting, your device would perform better than before.

But It’s not necessary because this process is not as easy as you think. And with a bit of a mistake, your device may brick. Here I guide you with some easy steps to root an android device. If you love to root android phones, then you’ll love this guide. Before going to the next level, Let’s jump to the advantages of rooting.

Merits And Demerits Of Root

Here we’ll guide you to the dangerous things about roots. Let me clear some facts about Root. Yes, Root gives you more functionality to modify your Android device.

In other words, we can say these are the pros of Rooting. Below I mention some Gem points about Root. Let’s start –

Pros and cons are always a big reason to understand the user’s mind. Sometimes users change their mind to root after reading the cons of Root. That’s why I added the excellent Pros and cons of Root for better navigation. Are you guys ready to know about the pros and cons?
Let’s dive –


Here we talk about some common and significant facts about rooting. Let’s start –

  • You can easily customize your android device without facing any problems.
  • Install Modified applications and enjoy the pro version for free
  • You can install Android 11 Beta Custom ROM.


Well, there are a bunch of demerits after rooting. So let’s explore step by step.

  • First, after rooting, the Xiaomi Mix 4┬ádevice warranty would be lost permanently. Mean you can’t claim any hardware warranty against customer care. But if you want to back your device warranty, then you have to unroot your device.
  • You can’t use banking applications because banking applications are too secure. So banking applications don’t run on any rooted device. But by using magisk, you can use banking applications without facing any problem. I suggest you download the magisk manager from the official website to use the banking application.

Tips – Implement Before Rooting

You can’t root your android device without implementing these tips. So I recommend you implement these tips before going to the next step of the rooting process. Steps are –

  • Xiaomi Mix 4 bootloader should be unlocked; unlocking the bootloader is quite an easy process.
  • Before rooting, you have to install TWRP recovery on your device,
  • The device battery should be charged at least 60%. This step is necessary because sometimes the rooting process takes time, so avoiding stopping the procedure makes sure you set the required % of battery.

Guide To Root Xiaomi Mix 4 via Magisk – 1st Method

This method will help you to root your Root Xiaomi Mix 4 android device via magisk zip. Make sure you download the latest magisk zip.

Make sure you unlock bootloader first before implementing this method. A PC/Laptop is must to perform these steps.

Steps to Root Xiaomi Mix 4 With PC/Laptop

Follow the exact step by step guide –

Extract and Patch boot.image via magisk

  • First, download the stock firmware. Next, you have to download the stock boot image for your device’s latest version which is installed on your device currently. Next, extract it on your PC/laptop.
  • Now connect your device with a PC by using a USB cable and transfer the extracted boot.img file to your PC/laptop storage.
  • Next, download and install magisk manager on your Root Xiaomi Mix 4 device.
  • Open the installed magisk application which you install on above step. Now tap on the install option and then select boot file.
  • After selecting the boot file you need to wait a couple of minutes and soon the magisk will start patching the boot image.
  • Once it is patched successfully. It’ll store in your internal storage automatically.

Flash The Patched boot Image on your device

  • You need to transfer the patched boot image file to your PC/laptop from an android device.
  • Switch off your Root Xiaomi Mix 4 and boot into fastboot mode.
  • Next, open the command prompt or PowerShell.
  • Now flash the patched boot image and easily Root your device by entering the following commands.
  • Here are the commands fastboot flash boot patched_boot.img
  • Soon the flashing process will start and after it’ll complete. you need to reboot your device. To reboot your device run this command. fastboot reboot

Everything is perfect. you successfully root your Root Xiaomi Mix 4 android device with magisk. If you find anything wrong then repeat these steps maybe you missed any step which causes failure in order to root.

Now you can customize your android device as you want. You can install mod apk, change fonts, and do whatever you want. I hope you enjoy this guide and drop down your suggestion in the comment section.

Guide To Root Xiaomi Mix 4 Via KingoRoot App – 2nd Method

This method will help you to Root Your Root Xiaomi Mix 4 via kingo application. It’ll hardly take 5-10 minutes if you already installed this application.

Steps To Root Xiaomi Mix 4 Android A11 Without PC

  • Download KingoRoot Application from Playstore
  • Open the application and click on “One Click Root.”
  • Now, this app will start the Rooting Process.
  • Once the whole process is done, you will see a notification that is “Root Succeeded.”

Perfect! Your Root Xiaomi Mix 4 is rooted now and does whatever you want. Install custom ROM and modify your device as you wish.

Another way to root your Xiaomi Mix 4 android device. Here Safe Box Team experts will be available to help you. Our Root experts are ready to root your android device with 100% Safe & Security.

Seriously Need to root your Xiaomi Mix 4 android device, then make sure you check out this one. Safe Box Team is ready to help you 24/7.

Guide To Root Xiaomi Mix 4 via one-click root (Recommended)

This method is most used and successful software to Root Xiaomi Mix 4 device. This software is paid and over 10000+ devices rooted successfully.

Your device will be root is guaranty. Else 100 % Money refund instantly. Sounds Crazy!

Note : This method is paid. We recommend going with the paid method only if you want to save your time and effort. Because doing this own-self takes lots of time and effort. Believe me, if you’re rooting your device the first time, then it’ll be full of mess.

On the other hand at One Click Root, there is a number of employees who are experts in Rooting android devices. So they’ll root your device by charging a little amount. And lastly, your device will be safe.


  1. Charge device 30% Battery or more.
  2. Make sure you have a USB cable.
  3. A PC/Laptop (May be required)

Steps to Root Xiaomi Mix 4 Via One Click Root

Follow all steps carefully –

  • First, Go the one-click root website – Check Out
  • Then click on the Root Now button.
  • Next, type your device’s brand name. Next, type the device model number, and tap on the Next button.
  • Now select device version and tap on Verify Rootable.
  • If your device is rootable then you need to pay the fees and follow their instruction to root your device.

Hope you understand all the steps mentioned above. Now check out the One Click Root website to implement the process. Believe us rooting is more than easy as you think with the help of One Click Root.

That’s all! This method of rooting is just like the above but with different applications. Now it’s your turn to root your device. Drop down your root story in the comment section. If you face any problem, then ask your question. We’ll be glad to reply to you.

Guide To Install TWRP Recovery On Xiaomi Mix 4 [Without Root]

Don’t skip any steps, if you want to install TWRP recovery on your Xiaomi Mix 4 successfully –

  • Connect your device with the computer via USB cable or micro USB
  • After connecting the device, a message prompt on your device, i.e., “Allow USB debugging?”
  • Now click on Always allow from this computer and tap the OK button.
  • Before Entering the next step of the process, make sure your device charge at least 70% battery.
  • Go to the SDK platform-tools folder on your computer.
  • In the white space hold shift + right-click
  • A menu will appear “Open command window here,” and a command window will open.
  • In the cmd window, Type, ‘adb devices,” and press enter your device will be listed.
  • Type “adb reboot bootloader” and press enter your device will enter bootloader mode.
  • Type in the command window “fastboot flash recovery TWRP.img” if your TWRP.img with another name, then change the entry for your corresponding device.
  • Finally, type in the command window “fastboot boot TWRP.img” ( Make sure it is correct because, on your pc, this file name would be different )

Your device will begin to boot again, and the Team win logo will appear and begin to install. Congrats, you have installed TWRP Recovery on your Android Device without rooting. Have you enjoyed this article? Comment below your feedback.

If you have any doubt whether your device is root or not by following the above methods. You can check your device is rooted or not by using the below method.

Steps To Check Root Status

Check Root status Of Xiaomi Mix 4

Note : This application is paid. But if you’re serious to check whether your android device is rooted or not. Then this application is perfect for you. Because checking root status yourself take lots of time & effort. But Safe Root Checker will do it in 2-3 seconds for you. It’ll save your time and effort. We think that your time is more important than money. Most important this application is recommended by Safe Box Guide editor’s and it is 100% secured.
  • Download Safe Root checker App – Check out here
  • After installing properly, the Next open the application.
  • Next, Tap on “Check Now” If your device is rooted then it will show you the messages i.e “Congratulations! Root access is properly installed on this device” Else you’ll get a message that “Your Device Is Not Rooted”

check now root status

root status result

Isn’t it’s too simple and time-saving application?

For more clearance below we added the infographics to show you how it looks like. The first screenshot show you tap on the verify button and the second one shows you that your device is rooted. I hope you enjoy this guide. Dropdown your thoughts on the comment box for more suggestions.

Still want more information about safe root checker. Then make sure you check out the Safe Root Checker official released post here.


We don’t verify these methods of rooting. (Read disclaimer first) Choose any one way to Root Xiaomi Mix 4 devices.

If you don’t have a PC, you can use the Root Xiaomi Mix 4 PC method. I hope it helps.
In case you want to check whether your android device is rooted of not after following this method then follow the below mention steps.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Can I Install TWRP Recovery On Rooted Xiaomi Mix 4 without Root?

Yes, you can install twrp recovery on Root Xiaomi Mix 4 android device by using the PC method. But if you want to install twrp recovery via twrp official application, then you have to root the Root Xiaomi Mix 4 device before installing the recovery.

Can I Install Custom ROM on Rooted Xiaomi Mix 4 device?

Yes, Once you have installed twrp recovery on your device (Or Root your Root Xiaomi Mix 4 device.) Then you can easily install any compatible ROM on your Root Xiaomi Mix 4 device without any issue.

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