How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting for Your E-Store: Helpful Tips and Tricks

Choosing a host for the website of your e-store is always a tough decision. So many providers out there are competing in offering “the best hosting solution,” making it even harder to decide. This often happens, especially when looking for your WordPress eCommerce host, since the e-store needs more specific features than the usual website.

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This article will go through some of the features you should look for when choosing WordPress hosting for your e-store.


1. Price and Value


When looking into the price for your hosting, don’t just decide based on the cheapest offer; consider the value you will get for the offered price. The standard range among prices for hosting is from $2,99/month to $10/month.

You can find hosting that fits into any budget, and the best providers also offer some extra discounts for a more extended subscription period. We recommend that you always look for a hosting plan that includes upgrades to other plans.

Also, this is because you want to grow your business quickly, and migrating your entire site with an e-store can be difficult. So low price is ok, but it often comes with limitations like space, bandwidth, or the number of email accounts.

A good provider must have the ability to provide you with the upgrade, once it is necessary, to another of its plans easily.

2. Uptime Guarantee

An important consideration is the uptime guarantee, which should be greater than 99 percent. Hosting companies guarantee that they will always be up and running, without interruption, for the duration of the uptime guarantee.

It is significant because you require your eCommerce site to be available and reachable. And a high uptime guarantee percentage provides you with just that. Your site won’t go down in the middle of the buying process in your e-store.

3. Load Time

loading site

Load time is vital since customers’ attention won’t tolerate even a millisecond of delay to load the page. Fast load time secure that you will have a successful business. If your load time is slow, you won’t have a successful business, considering high web competition.

4. Location (Data Centers)

Host with data centers in significant locations with a solid number of servers is the one for you. If more servers are available, the provided service will be faster.

However, the actual location of these servers is crucial. It determines the quality of the e-store services you provide to your customers. Some of the most well-known data center locations include the US, the UK, Europe, and Israel, so they may be close to you depending on your location.

Some companies decide to do their own hosting by purchasing servers systems.

5. Security

site security

WordPress e-store must have a top-notch security hosting service from its provider. The core meaning of eCommerce is in-value transactions, meaning your customers will trust you with their data that also includes their finances.

If you fail to provide adequate security, you will lose more than just customers. Furthermore, the security of your finances and data is dependent on it.

Firewalls, user authentication, daily backups, alerts for unusual changes, and SSL certificates are all required by host providers. Also, a “must-have” is security designed specifically for WordPress sites and updates.

6. Customer Support

customer support

The hosting provider which offers 24/7 support is essential for eCommerce. The best ones give you support through email, chat, or phone calls so that you can choose the most suitable way for you at the given moment.


Take your time to look into all of the hosting providers’ features. Look for the feature listed as “eCommerce specific features section.”

Also, if you are looking for a high-quality hosting platform, consider checking out WPMU DEV.

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Choosing the best WordPress hosting will ensure comfort in running your e-store, and you will have a provider you can stick to.

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