How to Become a 3D Animator

If you are a creative and talented individual passionate about visual storytelling, becoming a 3D animator is the best thing you can do.

3D animators create objects and characters via animation software.

They discuss animation ideas with creative directors and clients, draft animation designs, storyboards, and models, research design ideas and integrate sound and visual effects into animations.

They implement different movement mechanics and collaborate with voice-over artists, graphics designers, storytellers, and product designers.

To become a 3D animator, you need to fit certain requirements and have a specific set of skills.

This article will help you get started in this creative field and guide you on your journey to becoming a 3D animator.


Earn a degree


The first thing you should do is earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

Completing a college or university program can help you gain the artistic skills you need to succeed as a 3D animator.

The majors you should consider are computer graphics, design, and animation. You can take courses on animation technology, motion graphics, computer design, figure drawing, and modeling techniques.

Gain work experience

If you want to prepare for a career in 3D animation, you should consider working as an intern. An internship can help you apply the concepts you learned from your degree program to your work.

You can work on personal projects you can show to creative directors and animators. And work as an assistant to a professional 3D animator or volunteer to create animations for businesses, schools, and connections.

Explore specializations

3D animators usually specialize in creating a specific type of image. Some focus on developing landscapes, humans, or objects.

Since 3D animations are used for various settings, deciding to specialize in something can help you advance your career. You can specialize in animations for video games, movies, computer apps, or ads. Focusing on one thing can also offer you direction when looking for work.

Build a portfolio

Use business or creator account

As you work on different animations, create a portfolio of your best work. Portfolios can influence hiring decisions, so you must demonstrate your creativity, style, and technical proficiency.

You can post your portfolio on your profile, a personal website, or networking platforms to get the attention of potential clients and hiring managers.

Keep learning

To be successful, you must constantly develop and broaden your skill set and expand your knowledge.

Employers usually invest in the latest 3D animation technology and expect you to know how to use it.

You can take many courses that cover technological advancements at colleges, universities, and online. Work with other animators and use valuable online resources.

Final Words

Besides the formal requirements, a 3D animator should be creative, literate in technology, pay attention to detail, and have good time management. They should be organized and be able to work in a team.

Use this article as a guide, and you will make a name for yourself.

If you have a passion for animation and designing beautiful visuals, you are halfway there!

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