5 Tips for Choosing the Best Images for Your Landing Page: Create Eye-Appealing Landing Page

You’ve determined that stunning pictures for your online landing page are the best option. Awesome! But how and where can you locate the one that’s right for your company?

When selecting the right images, there are various factors to consider. Today, we will show you what to search for, where to look for it, and how to improve your photos.

Follow along as we go through each stage and provide some excellent tips you won’t want to overlook.

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Following guiding principles for the best images for your landing page can assist you in persuading a person to buy your goods or service.

Numerous factors go into creating a remarkable landing page, and one of the most important is selecting the correct graphics.


#1 Tip: The Desired Result

Two happy girls and puppy

An excellent example of leveraging emotive addressing in your photographs is displaying clients’ intended consequence of their purchase rather than providing a visual of your solutions or goods.

Here’s a beautiful demonstration for real estate agencies. Instead of displaying a photograph of a property with a “SOLD” banner on it, as most real estate agencies do, you can use a picture of a family lying on the ground with a smile on their face. Exactly how you want to feel, overjoyed about selling your home.

#2 Tip: Understand Your Audience

It would be best to choose pictures you believe will connect with the consumer and provoke associations among them and your good or service. A compelling image is one that your clients can identify with, somebody who seems like them or the person they aspire to be.

audience sign

One way to learn more about your target audience is to ask them how they would feel if you removed certain items from your inventory. Even specific platform functions are an excellent way to find helpful answers while avoiding technical responses.

Furthermore, this will give you a better grasp of consumers’ actual value of your service. It’s essential to ask your target audience their ambitions, goals, and even what terrifies them. Get to understand them so that you can search for appropriate, more enticing visuals, colors, and information.

#3 Tip: Choose Your Colors Carefully

Stick to your color palette, and don’t go overboard with the graphics. You don’t want an excessively cluttered landing page that confuses your customers and increases the likelihood of conversion losses. Keep your overall color combination in mind to avoid clashes when selecting photos.

Landing page success factors recommend using no more than three colors. Incorporate your brand colors into your landing page images as well. You’ll have a much more appealing landing page.

Color samples

Various colors can have an emotional weight. They may also have a symbolic significance that differs from your aim. For instance, instead of saying you’re reliable, you may use blue (in Western cultures). Also, consider utilizing fewer colors to make it simpler on the eyes and more straightforward to take in.

To manage colors correctly, you must first understand your audience better to grasp their feelings, lifestyle, and symbolism.

Assume you’re starting from scratch. In that case, we recommend following the 60-30-10 rule. This guideline will assist you in producing aesthetically appealing pictures that your viewers will be attracted to.

#4 Tip: Use Relevant and Genuine images

There are several stock photos accessible on the internet that you may utilize for your landing page. However, not all of them will be beneficial. Stock pictures undermine credibility and respect because dozens of other companies use them.

team members

If you opt to utilize stock photos, use ones that appear natural.

Photos of your actual team members, goods, places, and clients are your best chance for simple graphics. Hire a professional photographer to capture what is essential to your business if you have the funds. Depending on the quality of your phone and the complexity of the image, you might be able to capture a shot or two yourself.

#5 Tip: Mobile Optimization

Just because a picture works well on a desktop doesn’t ensure it will work or look good on a mobile device. There’s the possibility that the image will appear blurry on mobile devices, enlarged, loading time is excessive, dominate the page completely, move all of your material below the fold, or it won’t be very clear to a mobile user.

man using mobile

Image optimization for a mobile website is a quick and low-cost way to increase conversion rates. To have a mobile-friendly landing page, inspect your images on both desktop and mobile.

You should also keep in mind that photos may appear in varying proportions and sizes depending on the platform. If you use a mobile-responsive landing page builder, you will simplify the work.


The images are meant to help target users recognize the benefits of your product in the first few seconds. Even understand what’s in it for them and why they should take the next step in your customer experience rather than the competitors’.

But note that the picture is part of a larger design that includes the content, typography, colors, etc. All of the pieces should work together correctly so that the client understands what’s in it for them right away and can proceed.

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