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What is Wolfeye Keylogger Software?

The wolfeye keylogger is efficient computer monitoring software that records every keystroke of the keyboard.

This program has various ways to store all recorded data. It can log everything into a file, it can send the logs by email or upload them via FTP to your own website. All information logged by wolfeye keylogger will be stored in one text document on your hard drive. You can easily access this file by making wolfeye keylogger start when windows starts up.

Currently wolfeye keylogger supports MSN messenger, Yahoo messenger, ICQ chat logs and MS Outlook/Exchange mail logging besides standard Windows application log files(like wordpad etc.). This way you can monitor everything that happens on your computer while keeping an eye on wolfeye keylogger.

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The wolfeye keylogger is an example of efficient computer monitoring software that records every single keystroke made on the PC. The chat conversations, e-mail and Facebook passwords can be recorded so you can read them at any time.

You will also become aware of all websites visited by your children or employees through this program. All screenshots are stored in a separate folder so you can get them anytime you want.

When you use wolfeye keylogger, it can protect itself from other people who use your computer or who have administrator rights. This is because the keylogger has many good features.

You can download wolfeye keylogger free and test it for seven days to see how useful and reliable this program is and decide whether you want to continue using it or not.

If you like wolfeye keylogger, please consider purchasing a license.

Key Features of Wolfeye keylogger

  • It logs into email accounts and Facebook automatically
  • It takes screenshots every x seconds to provide you with a complete picture of what happens on the screen.
  • wolfeye keylogger stores everything in one text document

This makes it easy to file reports and locate important conversations or chats between two people. wolfeye keylogger is designed for both parents and business users who want to keep an eye on their kids and employees while they are working on their PC.

Since wolfeye keylogger works silently in the background without slowing down your computer, nobody will notice that there is any surveillance system running.

You can also adjust settings according to needs so wolfeye keylogger will only log the time and program in which the keystrokes are made, not everything that is done on the PC.

How Wolfeye Keylogger Software help you?

Wolfeye keylogger is a computer monitoring system that has the ability to track everything on your PC.

  • It can record any text typed in programs such as Facebook, MSN chat and e-mails. With wolfeye keylogger you will be able to view all of these conversations and messages at anytime by simply opening wolfeye’s log file.
  • Wolfeye Keylogger Software provides screenshots every x seconds of every window, desktop and applications on the screen.
  • This helps parents to monitor their children or employers to monitor employees while they are working on the PC.

As wolfeye keylogger takes pictures every x seconds, it does not slow down computers like other surveillance software do because wolfeye keylogger only records when there is activity.

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A wolfeye keylogger is a program that you can use to watch your kids and employees’ computer usage.

With this easy-to-use, robust program, you can get the peace of mind you deserve by logging into email accounts and Facebook automatically taking screenshots every x seconds, saving everything in one text document so it’s simple to file reports and find essential discussions or chats between two people.

We’ve made a new type of employee monitoring software that is faster. It will take less time to watch your computer. You can use it at work today.

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