How to upload a world to aternos?

What is the world of Aternos?

World in Aternos is a game that was published in 2003 by the software developer company Enix. It is currently stopped and can not be bought in stores, but it still has an active fan base that produces modifications (mods) to fulfill your needs.

The basic version of World of Aternos has a world of 220,000 km² and with the expansion pack it’s increased to 450,000 km². Unlimited actions and actions for this game were also implemented in various mods since 2004 when the first version was released.

Aternos is a 100% free form of play style and does not have any pre-defined storyline. Players determine their own direction within the game and even create unique stories that can be shared with other players.

You can take up a profession such as farmer, fisherman, merchant or hunter and live nearly in any settlement on Aternos.

There are no imposed limits for your character or actions in this world so it is possible to become a pirate or a thief. You can even build and fly your own spaceships and explore the vastness in space throughout Aternos.

The game has realistic graphics in 3D environment where you can interact with objects such as doors, chairs, cabinets etc… moving from one location to another is done by foot but if you have a vehicle such as a horse, car, truck etc… you can also use it to travel.

The variety of available professions and the free form of play style offers a unique experience to everyone who wants to try this game. Many players appreciate the diversity and freedom offered by World of Aternos and want to continue playing with their familiar game even years after the official end of the game.

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If you are brave enough to enter this fascinating world, there is a link at the end of the article to download the free version of World of Aternos. Experiencing and exploring it yourself with no cost is rewarding and does not bind you in any way.

Steps To Upload a world to Aternos?

  • First of all, you must login on with the account you want to use for uploading a map. After that, go to “My worlds”, and click “New”. Fill your new world’s name (it can be a test) and description (optional).
  • Click “save”. After a while, the world will be saved.
  • Now, you need a map of your world. You can create a new one or download an existing one on (just search for a good seed).
  • Now go to “My worlds” and click on your new world name. On the right menu, click on “edit info” and then “upload a map”:
  • After uploading your map (it’s a .zip file), download it (you don’t need to unzip it) and copy its path (should end with “.png”). Now go back to aternos website. Under the part where is your world’s description, paste in the path of your map (“world name_map.png”) and aternos will automatically generate a preview of it:
  • Now you have a good map for your world, but aternos still doesn’t know the seed of your map. In aternos website go to “My worlds” and click on “edit info”. In the part where is your world’s description, write in a good seed (you can find a good one at and aternos will generate a preview of it:
  • Now press save (the bottom right) and you’ve finished all the process! You can now play this new world in singleplayer or multiplayer:

Here you can check out the official website to know more about Aternos World


Now that you have created your world map, it’s time to share with the community.

There are a couple of ways for you to do this. The first option is by finding an existing server and adding your new world as “world_name” in “/games/minecraft/servers”. You can also create or find a .zip file which contains all the files necessary for hosting on other servers.

This second method would be easier if you want people who don’t play Minecraft to explore your world because they only need the one file instead of downloading everything. To learn more about how to upload maps visit our blog post How-To Upload Maps For Multiplayer Servers!

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