How To Unroot Samsung Galaxy A90 5G?

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Unrooting your Samsung device gives you the relief from the rooted device. As you know, the root will exploit device warranty, but by unrooting your Samsung device, you can bring back the same device. We know you don’t like your Samsung Galaxy A90 5G root device. That’s why you’re reading this unrooting method article.

Don’t worry below; we described in detail. You don’t need any PC to unroot. Just follow our footprints and unroot your Samsung device.

Before going to unroot Samsung Galaxy A90 5G device, make sure you know how it’ll affect your freedom in OS. 



Safeboxguide will not responsible for any kind of loss. Do at your own risk. We’re not testing every device. But almost our users get success via this method.

Pros & Cons Of UnRoot Samsung Galaxy A90 5G

You can compare how unroot affect your system and easiness.


The unrooting device will give you several benefits like the warranty of the device will come back. That means you can claim a device warranty from service centre.

Next, the device will look again at the new condition. All required apps will be installed automatically via the stock android system. 

Now your device is completely secure. Everything in your device secure by android Operating System. Sounds Good!

You’re free to use any applications, which is inaccessible after root. 

These are some benefits which are ruined by rooting Samsung device. Are you enjoying it?


Once you UnRoot Samsung Galaxy A90 5G device, then you can’t install any third-party application which is customized. 

You’ll not be able to install any custom ROM. Not only this, after unrooting, you don’t have the authority to remove pre-installed applications. That’s mean you don’t have the full control of your Samsung Galaxy A90 5G device. Isn’t it bad? 

These are some pros and cons of UnRooting Samsung Galaxy A90 5G android device. 

Guide To UnRoot Samsung Galaxy A90 5G Device With SuperSu – 1st Method

Unroot is not a big deal but make sure you keep an eye on requirements.

Vital Steps Before UnRoot Samsung Galaxy A90 5G

You have to follow these important steps –

  • Download SuperSU latest version application – Check out here
  • Keep charge battery 70-80%

This method requires a SuperSU application. 

You can’t Unroot Samsung Galaxy A90 5G device without SuperSU. If you’re following this guide.

Here’s the step-by-step process to UnRoot Samsung Galaxy A90 5G without PC. 

Estimate Cost : USD

Time Needed : 10 minutes

Just follow these simple steps to UnRoot Samsung Galaxy A90 5G android device

  1. Download SuperSu

    First, you have to download the SuperSu Android application in your Samsung device. Make Sure you download the latest version of SuperSu.

  2. Install SuperSU Completely

    After completing the first step, you have to install the SuperSU application on the Samsung device. You have to enable install unknown application option because this application is not available on Google Play store.

  3. Open Application

    Now open the application, and click on the New User button. It'll automatically detect whether your device is rooted or not.

  4. Go to the settings

    Now open setting, (Top right corner). And find Full UnRoot Option by scrolling. Tap on full unroot.

  5. Tap On Continue

    Once you are done all the above process, then tap on continue. Next just tap on Yes/continue (Untill a popup comes). Finally, I'll ask you. You are sure to unroot your device completely.

  • SuperSu

Just tap continue. After that application will close, and you need to restart the Samsung device.

That’s all, you have successfully unrooted your Samsung Galaxy A90 5G device without PC using SuperSU method. 

If you have any query in your mind then, keep commenting below to get an instant solution.

Guide To UnRoot Samsung Galaxy A90 5G Using KingoRoot – 2nd Method

This method takes 2-3 minutes only. So make sure you follow all steps.

For downloading application you have to visit official website mention above. Then simply download it.

  • Install & Open Application

Now install KingoRoot application in your Samsung device. For this you have you enable install unknown application option.

  • Go to the settings

Next, go to the settings and click on Remove Root button.

All done! Now wait to complete the process. Once the process is complete, your Samsung device UnRoot Successfully. KingoRoot is also known as one click root and unroot solution. That’s means we can unroot Samsung Galaxy A90 5G on one click. Sounds Good!


unrooting gives you all access to your old device. Above method is sufficient to unroot your Samsung device.

Don’t try to skip any step above mention, because every step is mandatory to unroot the device. First method is our favourite one, so we’re recommending the SuperSu method to Unroot your device. Still you have any query, drop in the comment section. Our team will as soon as possible.

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