4 Tips for Hiring and Managing a Remote Team in 2022

Working from home has become very popular in the last few years. While remote teams have existed for a while, they became much more widespread due to the pandemic, and now, it seems like we will see more remote workers than office workers in the future.

As much as 85% of managers believe that having teams with remote workers will become the new norm. This is a favorable scenario because working from home or in apartments for rent in ann arbor mi has numerous advantages for both the company and the employees.

People who have never hired and managed remote teams might find the task daunting, but it’s more straightforward than it appears.


Hire the Right People

There are many highly skilled people in today’s workforce, but finding them requires some effort. Good employees may be hard to find. However, if you work with a remote team, you have the option of hiring people from all over the world, than just those who live nearby.

It’s also important to keep in mind that even if somebody is skilled at their job, that doesn’t mean they will fit well within your company. You need someone who understands and embraces the core values of your company as well as the mission and vision.

If you want your organization filled with the right people, you need to discuss these things when looking for new employees. Through these talks, you’ll see if they align with the company’s values and if your mission and vision inspire them.

To ensure everyone who is in charge of hiring understands this concept, not only do you need to explain it thoroughly, you also need to include your mission and vision in your business plan. And if you haven’t written one yet, you can look for business plan examples to get a better idea of what a comprehensive business plan should look like.

Remember to Celebrate


Every manager knows how to criticize, but very few know how to celebrate the wins of their employees. But if you want to create a healthy work culture, you need to celebrate everything good that happens, no matter how big or small the reason for celebration is.

Recognized employees are more likely to be motivated and stay within the company because they feel valued and appreciated. And there’s no better way to show you respect them than with a good celebration.

If someone on your team reaches a milestone, if one of your employees is celebrating their birthday or work anniversary, or if it’s simply a holiday, it’s time for a well-deserved party. Whether it’s merit- or occasion-based, it will undoubtedly be a welcome break for your workers.

There are many reasons why you can throw a celebration at work, and don’t think that you can’t just because your team is working remotely. Virtual parties exist and are becoming very popular among remote groups, and SnackNation has some great ideas on how you can arrange celebrations.

Have an Amazing Onboarding Experience

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Starting a new job can be scary, but there shouldn’t be any issues if an employee has a great onboarding experience.

After all, finding the perfect employee is only half of the job, and making them stick around is the other one. Great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by 82% and leave you with motivated and willing workers to put in the required effort.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure the onboarding process is smooth and successful:

  • Make every employee feel welcome

Send each employee a virtual welcome pack that includes a small gift like a coupon, a note from their new manager or CEO, and a brief description of their new job.

  • Organize training

Ensure every worker can perform their duties as necessary, organize training sessions that won’t be rushed, and leave enough time for any questions the employee may have.

  • Give them access to all the required information

. Send the required documentation and the login information for all the tools they need and information on how to use it.

  • Check-in regularly

Call every new hire regularly for the first few months of the job to see how well they’re adapting if they’re facing any difficulties, and need any sort of help.

Don’t Overwork Your Employees

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While working from home has a lot of benefits, it can also be challenging sometimes, and if you’re not careful, your employees can easily experience burnout due to exhaustion. Finding a good work-life balance can be hard for remote workers, especially if they have too much on their plate.

Don’t assign too much work or impose deadlines that are almost impossible to meet. Instead, talk to your employees to ensure they’re taking breaks. Create a culture where it’s normal to talk about all the issues the employees are facing, regardless of whether they’re related to work or not. After all, they’re humans first and your employees second.


As remote work becomes the new norm, managers worldwide are looking for ways to adapt to this change. They still stay great managers, even though they aren’t running an in-house team. While there will always be challenges, you shouldn’t have too many difficulties if you follow these tips.

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