Samsung ML-4551N Driver, Key Features, and Specs

Printing business documents is made simple with the Samsung ML-4551N. Promising a breakneck print speed and high-quality output, it could be an ideal printer to meet specific needs in your office. Always download and install the Samsung ML-4551N driver before you start.

When advanced technology meets style, it provides you with a high-performing printing machine that becomes an excellent addition to any given space. Not to mention this model is designed with small footprints, so it doesn’t consume a lot of space.


Samsung ML-4551N Driver Features

Samsung ML-4551N Driver

Express Print Speed

Fast printing is one of the main highlights of the ML-4551N. Supported by a powerful memory of 128 MB and a processor of 500 MHz, it manages express printing up to 43 pages per minute. This speed rating is way higher than typical laser printers.

Sizable Duty Cycle

The printer’s duty cycle plays a significant role in giving you the ultimate printing experience. The more amount it offers, the more you can print using the device. The ML-4551N is featured with a sizable duty cycle of 200,000 pages per month—this is sufficient for a busy office or workgroup.

Considerable Paper Capacity

It’s undoubtedly tedious to reload paper every single time you print. The ML-4551N helps you eliminate this problem, thanks to the generous input capacity brought to your table. You are no more running out of paper in the middle of your printing activity.

Simple Control Panel

A clean and friendly control panel is everything you need to print documents in a rush. This model is pretty accessible to everyone, for it has a few buttons that won’t get you puzzled. It is also equipped with a 2-line LCD to show your printing status.

Easy Connection Setup

This model uses cable for a robust and reliable connection with your PC or computer. Although it lacks a wireless connection, it can handle your printing tasks much better than the wireless printer. Once you get the Samsung ML-4551N driver, set up the link and start printing. 

Samsung ML-4551N Driver Specs

Samsung ML-4551N Driver

Printer Technology

The Samsung ML-4551N is a monochrome workgroup printer powered by laser technology, allowing you to expect sharp and crisp black documents. Featuring a maximum resolution of up to 1200 dpi, you can rely on this device to handle office printing and business documents.

Aside from essential documents like invoices, contracts, and reports, it works well to tackle graphics and charts. Working with marketing materials with pictures is also easy with this printer.

Print Speed

This printer can showcase a fantastic print speed of up to 43 pages per minute. This is way faster than typical laser business printers. Thanks to the dependable memory of 128 MB installed in this device, you can get your job done faster.

Media Handling

This model is featured a 500-sheet input tray to support high printing volume. A 100-sheet multipurpose tray is also embedded, making it possible to work on more paper types and sizes. The total sum of the printer’s input capacity is more than sufficient for daily printing tasks.

This model can hold various paper types, including plain paper, envelopes, labels, transparencies, and heavy paper. It also supports a range of paper sizes such as Letter, Folio, Legal, Envelope, Oficio, and more.

Connectivity Options

The ML-4551N uses a cable to connect with other devices. It may sound traditional, but it promises a robust and stable connection. In this printer, you can benefit from a hi-speed USB and Ethernet for easier sharing with your team.


The ML-4551N is made to improve your work productivity as a business document. Get the Samsung ML-4551N driver and redefine your printing tasks.

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