Samsung ML-1860 Driver and Overview

The Samsung ML-1860 is a laser printer built for home offices and micro businesses. It is designed with small footprints and offers extensive features to complete your printing tasks effectively and efficiently. It works with the Samsung ML-1860 driver, so it’s necessary to download and install the software before using it.

This product series has much to offer. Aside from visually attractive design, it comes packed with abundant features. Printing documents made simple, thanks to capable specifications brought to your table. Though it doesn’t support color printing, the quality output is worth the thought.


Samsung ML-1860 Driver Features

Samsung ML-1860 Driver

Fast Print Speed

The ML-1860 is not the fastest laser printer but is quick enough to handle everyday printing tasks. Thanks to fair print speed, working with documents won’t spend much of your time. Please note that speed rating may depend on the documents you print.

Acceptable Input Capacity

Are you worrying about running out of paper while printing? No need for that, because with this printer that is no longer a problem. It is entirely daunting to reload paper every single time you print. Thankfully, the ML-1860 has a large input capacity, ideal for home offices or small businesses with low print volume.

Reliable Connectivity

A connection can make or break your printing experience. The good news is this product series promises a reliable connection to get your basic tasks done. Not only does it offer a robust and stable connection, but it also boasts an easy connection setup.

Print Screen Button

Print Screen is among the main highlights of the ML-1860, with which you can capture and print the screen with a click. The button is featured on the control panel, allowing you to easily tap it to print everything that appears on the monitor. No cropping or editing is required.

Samsung ML-1860 Driver Specs

Samsung ML-1860 Driver

Print Specs

This printer with laser technology is reliable for printing sharp and crisp black text. It also supports up to 1200 dpi resolution to deliver precise and accurate output. It can easily handle graphics, images, and charts besides regular text documents.


Once you download and install the Samsung ML-1860 driver, you can enjoy fast printing. This model has rated 18 pages per minute, which is acceptable for everyday printing tasks. Though it is not the fastest speed rating, you won’t spend much time working with this device.

Paper Handling

The ML-1860 model has a single input tray that holds up to 150 sheets of plain paper. This input capacity is sufficient for small offices with low printing volume. A 100-sheet output tray is featured to keep printed documents neat and organized.

The input tray is compatible with various paper types, including plain paper, envelopes, recycled paper, thin paper, and labels. When it comes to sizes, the tray supports A4, A5, Folio, Letter, Officio, and more. Any formal documents you want to print, this model has got you covered.


This machine depends solely on a hi-speed USB to connect the computer. Thanks to this wired connectivity, you can experience a fast, simple, and easy connection setup. Though it doesn’t support wireless connectivity, it works just great to handle basic printing tasks from your laptop or PC.

Duty Cycle

Designed for low printing volume, the ML-1860 supports up to 5,000 pages per month. This amount of pages is good enough to handle business documents during business hours, making it an ideal option for your home office or small businesses.


Built under the ML series, Samsung’s ML-1860 simplifies basic document handling and office tasks. It comes packed with useful features to get your job done without hassle. Get and install the Samsung ML-1860 driver to ensure it performs optimally on your computer.

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