Samsung ML-1610 Driver for Decent Performance of Daily Printing

Samsung ML-1610 driver can connect computers to the printer, so it helps various complete school and office tasks. Samsung released a pair of this printer and driver to meet people’s increasing needs for daily printing tasks at home and in offices. 

Coming with laser technology provided by its manufacturer, this printer is designed for personal use for people who don’t require many color printings. Although it is mainly intended for private use, this printing machine still meets the works of homes or small businesses.


Samsung ML-1610 driver features

Samsung ML-161o comes with a machine that enables to produce fast printing speed since the number of pages per minute is slightly higher than the majority of private mono printers can do. This ability ensures that home business, school tasks, and daily printing needs run well. 

It comes with a paper tray that supports various media and paper size formats, allowing users to do printing and mailing needs without problems. The text generates from the printing outputs is good enough as it meets the standard of monochrome printers. 

The printer machine also needs a short time to warm up before operation because it only needs 15 seconds to start. After that, you can produce the first page printouts with the quality like what this printer offers. 

Samsung ML-1610 printer specification

Samsung ML-1610 driver

Addressed for personal use and small home business, Samsung ML-1610 brings a decent specification to ensure the tasks for those needs can be quickly completed. 


Samsung ML-1610 printer has a printing speed that reaches 16 pages per minute which is great for home printing needs that usually are not heavy. This printing speed is quite fast to complete daily printing activities that include school reports and other documents for those who grow business. 

If you intend to use it for home use, this printer offers a not too exceptional maximum monthly duty cycle as it is only up to 5000 pages per month. However, it sufficiently supports small to medium printing works with good quality printing outputs with a 600 x 600 dpi resolution. 


Still implemented wired connectivity technology, this printer needs suitable cables to connect with the computer you use to make the documents. Besides, the Samsung ML-1610 driver installation in the computer is required to make sure your computer works with the printer. 

Even though this printer can connect to various kinds of computers, users need to ensure using cables with parallel or USB ports. It is because printer interface supports are only compatible with those two cable ports. 

Media Supports

Both home office and school tasks can be conducted appropriately since this printer has a paper tray that can hold 150 pages. It even supports various media such as plain paper, envelopes, labels, cards, and transparencies and is set to many paper sizes, including A4, A5, A6, C6, and DL. 

The printing machine also processes the tasks well since it has 2 MB of memory. Although it does not have ample storage, it supports daily printing quite well. 


As a monochrome printer frequently addressed for home use, the Samsung ML-1610 printer needs high power. This printer consumes around 300 watts of power when it is used for printing, but it is still typical for personal and small business printers. However, in standby mode, it uses 6 watts. 


The printer’s body is 14.1 inches in width, 11.8 inches in width, and 8.5 inches in height. It weighs 12.13 lbs that are easy to put in all spaces.


Choosing the right printer to avoid and facilitate time-consuming printing tasks while doing an excellent job is essential in today’s busy world. Samsung ML-1610 driver offers decent printer performance and fast speed to meet daily home and personal printing activities.

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