Samsung ML-1440 Driver to Offer High Printing Performance

The Samsung ML-1440 driver with the printer brings traits like a mini version of the SOHO printer. However, as the printer comes with a boxy paper tray underneath, this printer is closer to a home printer than the actual SOHO printer. This printer is not only suitable for individuals but also for small workgroups. 

This printing machine is another monochrome type from Samsung that has become a favorite option used by large companies worldwide. The technology implemented in the printer enables it to operate fast, supporting heavy printing tasks very well.


Samsung ML-1440 driver features

This printer offers excellent printing speed, thanks to its laser technology. Due to this great printing ability, Samsung ML-1440 is a good option for you who have just established a small company. The price of the printer is affordable, but you can relay various printing jobs as it works very well. 

The quick printing process of this machine cannot be separated from the 66 MHz processor, which is quite powerful. Supported by a more extensive paper tray, it allows you to print longer as it covers more papers. The starter cartridge holds 200 sheets that don’t require quick replacement for a few months. 

This printer has a petite body that makes it flexible to move anywhere to support your printing activities. It brings an elegant design with a boxy shape presented in white color. Overall, this Samsung printer is efficient in work and use of space. 

Samsung ML-1440 Specification

Samsung ML-1440 printer and driver

Along with this printer’s great features, several exciting things about this printer specification support its excellent and efficient performance. 


Since Samsung ML-1440 is a monochrome printer, it has a maximum printing speed to produce black and white documents of up to 14 pages per minute. Meanwhile, it provides standard full resolution for a monochrome printer with 600 dpi.

With a suitable cartridge, this printer comes with a monthly duty cycle of 12.000 pages at a maximum amount. 


The connectivity technology used in this printer is wired, which requires cables with the computer used. Along with the Samsung ML-1440 driver, this printer supports two types of cable ports for connectivity: parallel and USB. They make users can send data from other devices easily.

Media Supports

Various media types are supported by this printer, including plain paper, labels, envelopes, folio, legal, letter, and transparencies. You also can print the documents by previously formatting the report based on the preferred size. 

The media supports provided by this printer will make users easier in printing different kinds of documents as well as provide mailing tasks that can be carried out effectively with minimal hassles. 


Belongs to the category of a wired printer, Samsung ML-1440 needs to be connected to the power supply to perform the printing jobs. Due to its high performance, this printer consumes slightly more energy than printers in common. 

During operation, this printer consumes about 300 watts of power. Meanwhile, when the printer is in standby mode or you don’t use it to perform any printing tasks, this machine only consumes about 10 watts of electricity. 


Appear in a box-liked shape; this printer comprises 14.3 inches in width, 16.1 inches in depth, and 9.8 inches in height. With this kind of size, you can put the printer in the corner of the room. Although you put it in a small room, it doesn’t need much space, significantly since it only weighs around 24.25 lbs. 


Samsung ML-1440 driver supports high-performance printing with more output production, so it is perfect for any small office or business. 

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