Samsung ML-1430 Driver For Premium Yet In-budget Printing

Samsung ML-1430 driver provides premium printing outputs, making it ideal for individuals or offices with short printing times. It perhaps doesn’t come with expendable functions like other big printers, so it is more suitable for personal use at home or small workplaces.

Because the Samsung ML-1430 is the successor to the ML-1210, it’s no surprise that it has a similar appearance and characteristics. However, this printer comes with a 66 MHz Jupiter 3 processor that allows it to provide faster printing speeds and better quality printing outputs.


The Samsung ML-1430 driver features

The Samsung ML-1430 is a budget-friendly laser printer that has been upgraded from its predecessor so that it has got a new process to support faster printing speeds. It produces slightly more printing outputs per minute compared with the previous model, along with a greater quality of printing results.

Samsung also changed the toner cartridges and extended the output tray of the printer so that it can hold more paper for printing. It only costs about.03 cents to print a single page. This printer’s low-cost consumables become a perfect option for those who run a small business or are still developing a business.

This printer also requires an easy installation process before you can operate it. All you have to do is just pay attention to the guidebook and CD installation to understand the sequence of installation since both provide a clear setup and useful directions.

Specifications for the Samsung ML-1430 printer

Samsung ML-1430 driver


The better performance and quality of printing of this machine can be seen from several changes that are made to its specification. From the specifications below, you can see the differences between this printer and its predecessor.


The new Samsung Jupiter 3 processor, with a clock speed of 66 MHz, used in this printer has increased its printing speed to 14 pages per minute. The time needed to conduct the first-page printing is only 13 seconds. That is the reason this printer supports short-time printing tasks.


The connectivity of your personal computer to the printer not just depends on the Samsung ML-1430 driver, but you also need to prepare a cable with compatible ports. This printer supports both USB and parallel ports, so that the connection is less complicated.

Media Supports

The Samsung ML-1430 printer produces a maximum monthly output of up to 12.000 pages with a bigger tray that can hold 150 paper sheets. The types of media that can be inserted into this printer are: office; films; cards; envelopes; and labels.

This printer also supports a variety of paper formats, including A4, A5, B5, C5, JIS B5, Folio, Executive, Legal, Com-10, Monarch, Envelope DL, and International C5. This media support allows the printer to carry out different types of document printing without too many hassles.


Like its previous model, the Samsung ML-1430 also requires cables to connect it with the power supply during operation. To perform well, this printer needs to be connected to 220 V electricity power, so make sure you place the printer close to the electricity outlet.

In terms of power consumption, this printer uses up to 250 watts of energy when it is used to print documents. Besides, when it is not in use but you put a turn on the device, the printer likely consumes less than 10 watts if you put it on standby mode.


In its appearance, the Samsung ML-1430 inherits a similar design and color from its forerunner. This printer won’t use much space anywhere it is placed. It comes with dimensions of 352 x 329 x 229 mm. It weighs about 6.2 kg, including the cartridge.


The Samsung ML-1430 driver complements the high performance of the printer and offers frugal use to print various kinds of documents faster. With its unique specifications, whether you use it at home or in the office, you will certainly not be dissatisfied – Hurry to the store to get your printer.

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