Samsung ML-1250 Driver to Support Heavy and Quick Printing

Samsung ML-1250 driver needs to be installed into your personal computer since it becomes essential to support and offer high performance of the printer. This driver is a great companion for your printer to produce remarkable outputs no matter what documents or images you want to print. 

A combination between the printer and its driver will provide significant benefits not offered by other toner cartridges. One of the benefits that you will experience when using this printer is the toners work efficiently so that this printer completes all the printing tasks well.


Samsung ML-1250 driver features

This driver is paired to Samsung ML-1250, which is known to be a personal laser monochrome printer. Samsung printer is suitable for students and office workers since it has good durability to conduct heavy-duty printing jobs. According to that, this printer will meet all the demands. 

Due to the implementation of the mono laser as printing technology, this printer can produce only black and white documents. However, this printer can recover automatically during heavy printing tasks. That’s why its operation remains fast so that users don’t require to wait for a long time. 

The printer comes with top toner cartridges, producing up to 2500 pages. This excellent ink tank doesn’t need to refill the ink frequently since it supports more extended printing activities. This feature offers more productive work as you can create more high-quality printing outputs. 

Samsung ML-1250 printer specification

Samsung ML 1250 driver

The remarkable ability of the Samsung ML-1250 printer actually cannot be separated from the specification it brings. Here is the specification that is offered by this printer.


Since it is categorized as a laser printer, this printer can reach a speed of up to 12 ppm when creating black and white printing black and white documents. Supported by big ink tanks, the printer can do the work fast without being disturbed by frequent human intervention of refilling the ink. 


Since it comes with a wired connectivity technology, this printing machine supports parallel and USB ports to give easy access to any computer at the office and at home. Although it still needs cables to connect with the power supply, it has fewer hassles due to those two types of connectivity ports. 

Media support

The Samsung ML-1250 driver is a couple for the printer with a large media tray capacity with a maximum capacity of 150 sheets. Like other printers, it supports a variety of media such as A4, A5, B5, plain paper, legal, letter, folio, envelopes, labels, and many more. 

Equipped with 4 MB of RAM and maximum supported memory of 68 MB, you can store multiple files in this printer before printing. This spacious storage offers a monthly duty cycle of up to 12.000 pages with a high-quality resolution as it is already in 1200 dpi. 


Still, in the category of a wired printer, Samsung ML-1250 needs to be connected to AC 120/230 V power supply when operated. Although this printer supports heavy-duty printing jobs, you shouldn’t worry because it is pretty efficient in energy consumption. 

During the operation, this printer machine only consumes around 12 watts. So, it should be a virtual electronic device you need to have at present at your home or office to support documents or file printouts. 


The printer has a compact and modern design. It is available in 13 inches in width, 14 inches in depth, and 9.1 inches in height. It also weighs 13.67 lbs, so it doesn’t need extra space to be placed. 


Samsung ML-1250 driver should be presented on your computer, especially if you need to do heavy and quick printing daily. 

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