Ultimate Benefits of Rooted Android Device

Rooted device is much better than unrooted android phone. Ok, you might be thinking that what the benefits of root access are and how rooting can help us. Looking at all these questions in your mind, let’s discuss different advantages of having a rooted device.


Rooted Android Phone:

The world of smartphones has changed drastically in the past few years. With new technology, smartphone companies are constantly trying to stay ahead of one another by implementing a variety of features in their devices.

The thing is, these days it seems like every phone is the same and offers the same basic functions with very little variation between them all.

These days, most people go into an electronics store and purchase whichever phone they see first without giving any thought to what that device might offer or how it could improve their life. This article will explore some reasons why you should opt for rooted Android instead of just picking up whatever phone you’re presented with at your local electronics retailer.

Do you have a varied selection of apps on your current rooted android? Are there

What Are The Benefits?

So here I am going to list out the top benefits and features of a rooted android phone. You should know about each and every benefit or feature one by one as I’m mentioning below:

#1 Superuser Access (Root) To System Files:

One of the most common reasons for rooting an android phone is to get root access (also known as superuser permission/access) to your system files. This allows you to modify or delete any system file on your android device. You can change the boot animation or can speed up the phone’s performance by uninstalling some useless applications that run in the background of your phone even when you are not using it.

#2 Install Modified Apps (Custom ROMS):

Rooted Android phones give you another benefit of installing custom roms (also known as modified apps) which help you to update your android version if not available on Google play store for an older android version. For example, you want to use Lollipop 5.0 theme on your Kitkat android device? What should do then? Yup, here is an answer for this! Just install a lollipop rom on your android 4.4 device and there you go!

#3 Use Tweaked Apps:

Yes, you can install many apps (both free and paid) which are root-required and need to modify the codes of those apps to make it work for your android device. And the best thing is that most of these tweaking applications come with an amazing interface that makes them easy to use by any beginners or non-geeks as well. There are some great modification tools such as – Greenify, Viper4Android etc .

#4 Flash Custom ROMS:

Well, this is one of the common reasons why people root android phone – To flash custom roms (also known as modified firmware). If you want a custom rom with the latest version of Android OS or want to try some experimental features, then rooting your android device is always a good idea.

#5 Overclock Your Phone:

Yes, you can over-clock your rooted android phone that helps in increasing the performance of your phone while playing high-end games or using heavy applications on your mobile phone. However, don’t overdo it! Overclocking requires some technical knowledge and if done wrong, it may damage all of your data on your mobile phone so be very careful while overclocking.

#6 Get Complete Backups Of Your Device:

If you are serious about customizing or changing things on your rooted android phone without any risk, then this benefit surely help you out. By rooting your android device, you can easily get a complete backup of your phone’s data on different cloud services such as – Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive. Even if anything goes wrong with your phone, then you can restore all of the backups in a blink of an eye.

#7 Block Ads While Browsing:

You can also block ads from showing up while browsing any website on your mobile browser with the help of Adaway which is one of the best ad blocking application for Android devices. So you get rid of unwanted pop-up advertisements and enjoy fast online surfing on your android device.

ALL IN ALL… I hope that now you must have understood what are the benefits or features that generally get after rooting our android phones. And I guess, its time to root your android device now if you haven’t done it yet! However, remember that rooting may cause some serious trouble for you like bricking up your phone or losing warranty. So be very careful while modifying your smartphone and always hire an Android technician before doing anything on your mobile phone.

Cheers! 🙂

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If you want to take your android device and make it truly yours, rooting is the way. Rooted android devices have a lot more features than un-rooted ones do, so if you’re looking for an advantage over other users of non-rooted phones then this could be just what you need.

We can help with installing root on your phone or tablet in order to get access to these additional features which include different types of ROMs that allow for customization as well as overclocking capabilities that will boost performance without any negative side effects like overheating.

Check out the wikipedia for more details.

The benefits of rooting your android phone are endless. There’s a lot of research and data to back up these benefits, but we’ll list the top 5 reasons why you should root your android device below!

They include more control over our phones, protection from malware threats like worms or viruses which can’t harm an operating system that is open-source, increased battery life by disabling unnecessary apps; improved performance on low-end devices; and finally access to new features such as tethering.

we’re experts in all things rooted Android and would love nothing more than to help get you started today!

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