8 Must-Have Social Media Marketing Tools

These days, the world can be easily described as a place that relies on social media. Now it seems like never before that social media marketing been recognized as one of the most profitable and efficient ways of promotion. Since people have become highly addicted to them, such platforms infer into every single part of our lives. With all their benefits or flaws, the fact is that many businesses gained a lot of profit thanks to them. 


How to improve your social media marketing?

If this is your main question, you will get not just one but many answers. First, you have to pay attention to your target audience and research the type of social media they would use. For example, if your audience encompasses mostly younger generations, you should strive to reach better promotion on social media such as Instagram or TikTok. Furthermore, if your target audience is more serious businesspeople, you should perhaps use Twitter. Once you have chosen your perfect social media, it is time to pick some tools to make your life as a marketer is much more accessible. 

We have compiled a list of eight social media marketing tools to help you reach your business goals and expand your business. So, let’s start with the explanations of the best solutions that we could find for this job.


Postly tool

Postly is a tool that becomes your personal social media manager and content scheduler. With this fantastic tool, you can boost your social media marketing and stay ahead of your competition.

Postly can publish your social media content at scale, and the built-in AI Writer will generate its SEO quality. It has a Content Planner, thanks to which you can plan your content using the calendar; you will get access to special tips for better marketing and free content templates. This tool supports team collaboration and audience engagement. You will also be able to check Trends Analytics and see your results. 


Biteable landing page

Biteable is an excellent tool for just starting with social media marketing. It is straightforward to use and does not have an enormous price. With this tool, you can create all sorts of short videos. They can be informative, entertaining, or engaging, but the most crucial part is that they will undoubtedly attract an audience. Biteable offers numerous free video templates, music, animations, and footage, so you can be sure that your videos will look very professional. 


Buffer landing page Even though this tool was first imagined as a scheduling tool for Twitter, it soon became support for all the most popular social media. With this tool, you can do numerous things. For example, you can add articles and other content from the web and share it on your social media, upload your videos and photos and see the full analytics. Furthermore, you can create a posting schedule for the wanted content and always be prepared.  


Hootsuite landing page

Hootsuite is widely known as one of the most efficient social media marketing tools since it allows you to manage your social networks using only one dashboard. It offers features for team collaboration, assigning tasks, posting across all media, and scheduling updates. It also allows you to connect with the base of your customers through analytics and media listening and provides you with complete analytics data. 


Canva landing page

Canva is an excellent option for every social media marketer since it allows you to create unique and beautiful content for your marketing campaigns. It is free of charge and user-friendly, with various templates and graphics. One of the best things about an interesting tool is its drag-and-drop interface, which will make your job much easier. For example, with this tool, you can create your brand’s logo, choose the right colors and fonts, and create its whole identity. 


Brand24 landing page

Brand24 is a different tool but very useful regarding the quality of your brand. This tool uses social media listening and shows what people say about your brand and your products or services. Brand24 also tracks brand mentions all over the Internet and helps you find influencers in a particular niche. It has excellent features like audience segmentation, competitive analysis, configurable alerts, and customer engagement.

Talkwalker Analysis

Talkwalker landing page

If you are looking for a social media marketing tool that combines management, social listening, and analytics tool, Talkwalker Analysis is a perfect choice for you. It checks the online mention of your brand and shows you the possible issues you might encounter. This way, you will be able to solve them before they escalate. Another great thing is that you will be given detailed reports about your brand, see the trends and find the influencers. 


Audiense landing pageWith this social intelligence tool, you can identify relevant audiences, discover unique, actionable insights and inform your strategies to grow your business. Audiense enables you to find out how to engage and activate your audience across multiple online and offline channels by providing you with detailed insights. You will increase your brand awareness and find the best strategies by checking that.


There are numerous social media marketing tools on the market because this has become a significant niche, and you only have to find the one that fits your needs. By all accounts, Postly is an excellent combination of features and will save you a lot of time by posting for you, scheduling, and engaging the audience. 

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