How to Break Into the Tech Industry

Despite the economic crisis, the technology industry continues to grow exponentially. Due to its rapid development, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the demand for workers in the tech industry will have the fastest growth within the decade.

As society is becoming increasingly dependent on digital goods and services, tech companies hunt for more talent to provide specialized computer skills.

However, even non-tech professionals are more than encouraged to enter the industry. After all, a district president for global talent solutions Megan Slabinski states that not all the in-demand jobs require formal post-secondary education in tech-related fields.

In fact, Slabinski highlights that job seekers can break into the technology field as long as they can bring something to the table.

So, if you’re aiming to enter the tech workforce, here’s how you can get started:

Find Career Paths That Line Up With Your Current Skills and Experiences


There are many opportunities available in the tech industry, so your first step should be discovering which tech career path is most suitable for you. Even if you aren’t interested in becoming a tech professional, experiences and skills from different fields are still an advantage.

For example, aspiring cybersecurity professionals can use their accounting background to create more secure fintech services. A promising graphic designer can move into web design by following the same design principles, with some added coding know-how.

Burning Glass data reveals that non-tech jobs within the IT industry like HR or marketing are rising 50% faster than tech-specific jobs.

Invest in Industry-Specific Skills That Can Give You an Advantage

Once you have your heart set on a specific path, you can reskill as a tech professional by pursuing varying educational opportunities, such as online courses and short-term training.

Amazon and other big tech companies are streamlining education for aspiring professionals by offering courses that teach essential technical skills, like coding and machine learning.

To illustrate, the Amazon Technical Academy has leveraged experienced professors to teach courses that can help individuals become software development engineers.

Meanwhile, Google Cloud Training offers introductory courses on cloud computing and advanced courses on cloud architecture and machine learning. By leveraging these opportunities, you can master tech skills that will give you a competitive edge in your job search.

Build Up Your Skills and Experience by Creating Various Tech Projects

Besides upskilling, you can also impress hiring managers by showing off your skills on a practical level. You can include actual projects you’ve participated in your portfolio so that potential employers can have a more tangible assessment of your capabilities.

female developer

To get started, our article on the ‘Best Tools for Web Developers’ shows that you can easily create projects through platforms like GIT and Text Editors. These tools are widely used by developers themselves because they allow you to do more precise code writing and versioning.

Furthermore, you can build your experience by joining freelance or contractual projects through platforms like Upwork and These projects will not allow you to gain practical experience but can also help you compile recommendations and referrals for your next tech role.

The tech industry is on an upward trend, which promises stability and opportunities for workers. If you want to break into the industry, you can stand out by following the tips above.

Despite appearances, the industry isn’t actually that exclusive— following a simple, logical path for upgrading your skills and building experience is often the key to getting the ball rolling on your tech career.

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