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Developing a consistent website hosting provider is crucial if your business wants to provide a high-quality public service. And besides, their systems are what power your website, so if the servers go down, so does your website.

Furthermore, security, as well as loading times, are highly reliant on your host. HostArmada is a very young Web Hosting Company that is self-funded and privately held. Its principal aim and vision are to deliver a quick, safe, and dependable Web Hosting Service.

The business is well-known for its dependability and excellent customer service.

HostArmada offers a wide range of hosting plans, and their costs are often lower than those of their direct rivals. Shared hosting costs as little as $2.99 monthly.


Cloud WordPress Hosting

Cloud WordPress Hosting

The primary characteristics of Cloud WordPress Hosting are as follows:

The 1-click WordPress installer, which this hosting provides, allows customers to deploy the WordPress site, and you may customize each installation individually. Automated daily copies with 1-click recovery and a Web Server cache will enable more visits.

It is a Managed Web Hosting service that includes the most recent stable PHP version as well as a continuous assessment of the security of the Web Hosting. SSD Cloud Storage is used in conjunction with RAID controllers powered by batteries.

Three Shared Hosting Pricing programs are available, with the lowest beginning at $2,99/month.

Cloud Shared Hosting

Cloud Shared Hosting

This Cloud Shared Hosting bundle includes SSD Cloud Storage with best-in-class native SSD Drives. Also, it is vital to point out that you can use it in conjunction with RAID battery-powered controllers to ensure data integrity.

AI-based security alternatives are designed for all Cloud SSD Shared Hosting plans to provide the highest level of protection against cyber threats.

Cloud Reseller Hosting

Cloud Reseller Hosting

In Cloud Reseller Hosting, WHM Access and a cPanel are available for customer control and administration. Softaculous 1-click application installer is included in the Reseller plan as a go-to option for Opensource application deployment.

HostArmada Reseller Plans are designed for WordPress hosting and include static and dynamic content caching, a LiteSpeed Web server, and the LS Cache plugin. Also, it is essential to know that if you pick this Hosting package, you will also receive DDoS protection and an IP-based firewall, among other benefits.

The starting price is $8.99 per month.

Cloud SSD VPS Hosting

Cloud SSD VPS Hosting

This bundle is in charge of Cloud SSD VPS Hosting. The main HostArmada capabilities are included, such as:

  • 1-click Application Installer,
  • consistent Backups,
  • Nginx Webserver Cache,
  • service for maximum performance in their newest version, and so on.

If your company is growing, this is an excellent practical approach.

This Cloud SSD VPS hosting package is primarily intended for clients who have:

  • eCommerce,
  • Multiple websites,
  • MySQL database server,
  • Resource-intensive websites/custom apps,
  • Devoted email service, or something similar.

You may begin utilizing this bundle for $41,21/month or choose another plan from the four options available.

Dedicated CPU Cloud Servers

Dedicated CPU Cloud Servers

SSD technology is available to boost the performance of your websites, as well as human-powered technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Dedicated CPU Cloud Servers are specialized Cloud SSD solutions focusing on resilience and website performance.

They have offered you on-demand access to the operating system’s root user, giving you total power.

These Cloud SSD VPS options begin at $111,75/month, and if you want more CPU, RAM, or SSD Storage than the three available plans, you may request a custom estimate on the site.

Opensource Apps Hosting

Opensource Apps Hosting

If you’ve been paying attention to what’s going on in the web development world, you’ve probably seen the emergence of open-source platforms. It’s also worth noting that they’re inexpensive and simple to use, which means they’ll appeal to people who aren’t as familiar with programming.

Keeping this in mind, HostArmada set out to provide a particularly optimized Opensource Apps Hosting environment that fits all current open-source platforms’ needs.

Key Features

Simple-to-use service: cPanel SSD Cloud Storage provides you with an easy-to-use, dependable control panel. Native, best-in-class SSD drives work in tandem with battery-powered RAID controllers to ensure data integrity.

One-click Application Installation: deploy instances of Applications without configuring each installation separately.

Development Hosting

Development Hosting

The Development Hosting package includes a collection of ideal tools for all of our web development enthusiasts. The plans are designed to provide you with a competitive market for app development.

Furthermore, the Development Hosting package eliminates the necessity for application migrations between development and production environments. Moreover, you may utilize the same bundle for development and production.

Main Features

Advanced Devs SHH Access: ideal for developers that want speedy command-line access. Optimal performance with the most recent services: immediate bug fixes and security patches.

Furthermore, HostArmada provides an excellent domain name service in addition to its other services. It offers thousands of domain names, flat-rate renewals, domain alerts, and domain name services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Domains at HostArmada

Domains at HostArmada

Domains at HostArmada are a crucial component of launching a website, and with HostArmada’s service, you can find one, register it, and begin using it in minutes. Look up the terms you’re looking for and see if the domain is available.

If it’s free, you’ll get a few extension recommendations with varied pricing based on ratings and overall online presence. There are also other extensions to pick from; you are not limited

When it comes to domains, they provide you with a one-stop shop.

Also, HostArmada will provide you with a domain control panel, domain locking, domain forwarding, DNS management, and subdomain management in addition to the domain name you purchase.

You will also receive 24/7 support, subscriptions with flat cost, and alerts.



If your hosting provider’s servers are physically isolated from your customers, the site will load exceedingly slowly for those who are unaware.

HostArmada operates datacenters on four continents. A total of nine datacenters. There are four in North America, two in Europe, one in Australia, and two in Asia (Singapore and Mumbai). So, because we are so widely dispersed worldwide, you would never have to be concerned about geographical concerns of loading delays.

Excellent service will not disappoint you. On the one hand, it will improve your page load time while also making the system available regardless of the difference between where you are in the globe.

Loading Speed

Loading Speed

The rapidity of HostArmada’s Speed Repair service astounds every site they serve. The essential instrument that will “make or break” your site’s existence is its loading time. When you have an extremely quick load website, you will reap the following features:

  • enhanced SEO position among consumers,
  • more people browsing your website,
  • more sales,
  • decreased bounce rate,
  • and users spending more time on every one of your web pages due to the quick loading speed.

And with HostArmada, we promise you will have an incredible loading speed.



Web Server Security Fleet and Environment Security Fleet are strictly segregated regarding security capability and technologies.

Also, Web Server Security Feet is a security solution that focuses on web servers, implying that the server is a vital center for malware distribution.

Environment Security Fleet safeguards HostArmada client’s accounts with live security event monitoring, sophisticated network Firewall and WAF, malware scanning, intrusion detection and prevention, protective Zero-day attack detection, and OS Patch management capabilities.


While HostArmada is a new hosting service provider, it offers a slew of fantastic features in addition to hosting. Furthermore, we’ve shown you the features that we believe are most important in a review that is very brief when you consider everything HostArmada has to offer.

The devotion of this hosting provider to offer you high security and max speed is a significant benefit. So, visit their website and then choose a package for your site.

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