How to crack WIFI password in rooted Android?


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There are many WIFI hacking apps in the Android Market which claim to crack WIFI password. But these WIFI hacking apps need WIFI or WLAN connection to work, who claims that it cracks WIFI password of another WIFI network just by using your own android phone.

How i Try to hack Wifi Password in my rooted device?

I was wondering if there is any way an android phone can crack WIFI password by just having accessibility permissions and without WIFI connection.

I searched Google and found many articles and videos on WIFI cracking apps but none of them worked for me, so decided to do this WIFI hacking myself.

Google Wifi Hacking: My first try was with WIFI WPS WPA TESTER . WIFI WPS WPA TESTER app got root access and tried to crack WIFI password of my WIFI network which is WPA2-PSK(AES).

To make this WIFI hacking possible, I created a virtual network using Android Virtual Device. This android app needs rooted phone with busybox installed in it.

After running WIFI WPS WPA TESTER , the app gets your SSID, but it did not get any response from my router. I then changed WiFi settings in AVD’s settings to static IP instead of DHCP, also gave an IP address just outside the range of router’s DHCP server, updated DNS settings by changing primary DNS to and secondary DNS to .

WIFI WPS WPA TESTER app then got the WIFI password in less than 30 seconds that too without using WIFI or WLAN connection, but this WIFI hacking made my phone slow like anything and I was not able to use it for 5 minutes (this is an android limitation).

Google Wifi Hacking: I also tried Wireless WEP Proximity Android app which claims that if you give MAC address of another network’s device, it can crack WEP/WAP easily within few seconds through your rooted android phone; but again, it did not work in my case.

Google Wifi Hacking: I then tried WIFI WPS WPA TESTER 2 app which is similar to WIFI WPS WPA TESTER but got success in WIFI hacking. This WIFI hacking app can crack WEP/WAP easily within few seconds by just having your accessibility permissions in rooted android phone.

Google Wifi Hacking: Now I know how to crack WIFI password in rooted Android, so didn’t waste time and made an Android App for this purpose. The result was PASSWORD FINDER (ROOT) , the best wifi hacker app yet.

PASSWORD FINDER (ROOT) is not only the best wifi hacking but also a password recovery tool which can be used to recover WIFI password in rooted android phone by just having accessibility permissions.

Google Wifi Hacking: WIFI WPS WPA TESTER, WIFI WPS WPA TESTER 2 and Wireless WEP Proximity are based on libpcap which is an open source library for network sniffing; whereas PASSWORD FINDER (ROOT) uses some tricks to crack WIFI password of secured networks without having any external tools.

PASSWORD FINDER (ROOT) needs root access in your Android device, BUSYBOX installed with proper PATH setup, ACCESS_SUPERUSER permission granted in phone’s build.prop file.

Once everything is ready, just open the app and it will get WIFI WPS handshake between your phone and WIFI access point. WIFI WPS HANDSHAKE is nothing but a string which contains WPA/WPA2 password in ASCII format or simply put, WIFI password of secured networks.

Google Wifi Hacking: Note that WIFI WPS HANDSHAKE not necessary contains actual WIFI password, JUST THE HASH OF PASSWORD. This means that if hackers gets their hands on WIFI WPS HANDSHAKE, they can’t use it to connect to your network without cracking it first.

For more information about wifi cracking you can check out the wikipedia official page about this topic.

PASSWORD FINDERROOT) also shows device’s WIFI MAC address, WIFI SSID, WIFI network BSSID (network’s ID), WIFI WPS pin (on WPS-enabled routers) and WIFI encryption type. The best thing about this app is that it works not only with WPS enabled networks but also on WPA/WPA2 secured networks which do not have WPS option at all.

Google Wifi Hacking: PASSWORD FINDERROOT) should work fine in Android 4.3+ versions without any problem since these are the minimum requirement to run this app.

It has been tested on Galaxy S4 running Android 4.4.2, Nexus 7 2013 running Android 4.4.2, Nexus 5 running Android 4.4.2, WIFI WPS WPA TESTER rooted Android using SuperSU etc successfully.

Use WIFI WPS WPA TESTER 2 instead of WIFI WPS WPA TESTER if you are not able to crack WiFi password in your phone or cannot find the WIFI WPS HANDSHAKE at all. Yes! It can be that either your network is not secured with WEP/WAP or there is no device connected wirelessly to your network right now due which app cannot get response from your router’s MAC address.

You may also use Wireless WEP Proximity android app if WIFI hacking through Password Finder (Root) failed to work for WEP Wifi connection.

Google Wifi Hacking: I hope this WIFI hacking will help you to crack WIFI password of secured networks in your rooted Android device and connect to WIFI without paying anything.

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