Blockchain-Powered Games That Pay You to Play

Blockchain is gradually penetrating every industry, from automotive, insurance, banking, finance, and now the gaming industry. Game developers have begun integrating cryptocurrency for in-platform payments and NFTs, which facilitate the purchase of assets tradable on gaming platforms. Blockchain games have marketplaces supporting the creation and selling of collectible items and artistic designs using crypto as currency.


What Are Blockchain-Powered Games?

Blockchain games run a decentralized gaming model, providing gamers total control over the game’s storyline, assets collected, and dynamics. Games powered by the ledger and decentralized blockchain technology offer gamers real ownership over in-game assets, available as non-fungible tokens. These games provide transparent and safe marketplaces where gamers can exchange and buy loot boxes, weapons, and avatars to support their gaming experiences.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a top-notch gaming platform with a world-class virtual gaming environment populated by Axies, extraordinary NFT creatures. Axie Infinity provides fun seasonal tournaments and player-to-player battlegrounds where you can win cashable in-game tokens. The blockchain-based game allows you to buy, sell, and exchange Axies, utilizable for seasonal contests and regular gaming competitions. 

The game has grown famous in countries like the Philippines, and some players have converted their hobby into a full-time profession. Axie Infinity bans players who operate multiple accounts or use bots to play the game. Fortunately, with a high-quality residential proxy package, you can run a few Axie Infinity accounts and use bots to play without risking bans.


Upland is one of the world’s best and most played real estate simulator games with a lifelike landscape and architecture where players build their empires in a virtual-reality environment. The blockchain-powered game presents gamers with virtual real estate where they play and earn. It lets you acquire UPX coins as you build properties, buy and own digital land, manufacture cars, and build shops.

The Upland game maps are centered on New York and San Francisco’s real estate landscape. In a recent overhaul, the game developers added the Property-to-USD beta program, which enables qualifying players to sell properties for real-life cash.

Blankos Block Party


Blankos Block Party is a blockchain-powered multiplayer game based on a virtual open-world universe. The game runs on macOS and PC operating systems and boasts a custom design and unique artistic assets sellable for real cash. With Blankos Block Party, players can create unique levels, explore existing user-developed levels, and curate unique collections and rare Blankos.

Third Kind Games is the developer behind Blankos Block Party. They officially published the game with Mythical Games Inc. on 10th December 2020. This NFT game has attracted many players worldwide, making it one of the most appreciated blockchain-powered games.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is an NFT video game for Microsoft Windows and mobile devices officially released in May 2012 by the developer Studio Pixowl. This visual metaverse game allows gamers to get creative, building, owning, and monetizing their creations. The game starts with a virtual plot of land, which you can use to develop and sell shops and properties.

Its gaming items are sellable and purchasable, with SAND Token as the primary currency. Sandbox also enables players to trade NFTs, which helps customize the player’s avatar. If you want to get imaginative and build a robust and thriving community while earning from your creations, Sandbox is the game for you.


Splinterlands is a roller-coaster ride, an intriguing play-to-earn blockchain-powered card game. Cards on this game are NFTs that you can collect, buy, sell and trade to earn real money. Engaging other players in strategic competitions can make your gaming experience more intriguing. Splinterlands is practically one of the oldest NFT games.

All the cards in the Splinterlands game have actual value. The game is simply among the perfect choices for you today because it’s easy to play and fun.


Everyone wants to monetize their gaming hours by converting every minute they spend before the screen into real money. Although centralized games don’t offer this opportunity, modern decentralized blockchain games have made it possible. Today, you can easily earn some cold hard cash while having fun. Outlined above are the games we highly recommend to players who want to turn their hobby into a worthwhile investment.

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