The Best Ways to Engage With Your eCommerce Customers

Every day, hundreds of new eCommerce shops launch their businesses. This is because nowadays, opening an eCommerce store is no longer a time-consuming and expensive endeavor.

However, businesses that stand out and genuinely thrive are the ones that take customer engagement seriously. Engaged customers are usually more loyal and more profitable for companies, as they’re good at promoting and marketing their favorite brands, and they buy more.

Customer engagement is a differentiating factor that usually begins and provides a unique eCommerce customer journey and experience.

Whether you have a newly launched eCommerce business or an established one, there’s a great significance in implementing the best eCommerce customer engagement practices. Many companies fail to engage clients and prospective customers as they should, which ultimately leads to losses.

In this article, we look at the best ways to engage with your eCommerce customers and allow your business to gain measurable benefits.


Learn More About Your Target Audience on Social Media

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Creating unique content on all social media platforms is first when you have an eCommerce business.

However, you might have excellent content but still not manage to make an impact. This could be because you’re targeting the wrong audience that’s not interested in what your business is offering.

Identifying your target audience and learning more about them will make it easier to engage your prospective customers.

We advise you to do a target group analysis and find out which social media to use to reach them. If you’re looking for ways to increase your Instagram following, for example, avoid using automation tools like Nitreo, as users found it disappointing. Instead, choose a service that will bring you real followers, organically and support your business.


Ultimately, to attract and engage followers, you must put effort into learning about your target audience. See what kind of questions, challenges, and problems they have and establish an open line of communication.

Let Your eCommerce Customers Provide Feedback and Reviews

Nothing is worse than talking and feeling like there’s no one there to listen to you. This is how customers feel when they’re not provided with a suitable platform for giving their feedback and reviews about a product or a service that a company offers.

As an eCommerce owner, creating such a platform will make it easier for you to engage with customers, and it will give you insight into what they truly feel about your company.

Getting feedback from your customers is quite simple since you only need to provide them with a comments section on your website. In addition, you can also allow them to rate your products and services.

However, allowing them to leave their feedback isn’t enough. You must make them feel that you care and that you’re listening to what they have to say. By replying to queries and comments and addressing their complaints, you’ll engage your customers and, as a result, retain them and increase their trust in your business.

Use Live Chats

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With the help of a live chat, you can offer your customers personal service directly, just like in a physical store, without them having to call or sit and wait for a response via email.

You can ask customers if they need any help or come directly to you and ask for it. You offer excellent customer service online that positively affects customer satisfaction and engagement with a live chat.

With live chat support, you’ll find it easier to engage with customers and help them solve their dilemmas concerning a specific product or service you’re offering.

The rule of thumb for live chat support etiquette is to imagine being in the customer’s situation and think about what would give you a positive experience. It’s basically about human interaction where a moderately relaxed tone gives a warm and trusted feeling.

Your online customer service is at its best when it’s personal and positively highlights your corporate image. Usually, the more personalized the service, the more satisfied the customer, so try to communicate as if you were meeting face to face.

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Besides allowing you to engage directly with customers, live chat support will also give you an insight into how they feel about you.

With the use of chatbots, you will manage to conveniently solve customers’ issues by promptly identifying their needs and ensuring that they get the proper immediate support they need, which will result in superior customer engagement. In the long run, this will help you increase sales.


If your eCommerce business’ primary focus is to sell, prepare yourself to lose a lot of customers. Sooner rather than later, your customers will figure you out, and they’ll flock to other websites that are more invested in providing a superior customer experience.

Invest time and effort into learning more about your customers, allowing them to provide feedback, and communicating with them directly through live chats. Your eCommerce will develop a reputation as a business that is always there for its customers, resulting in engaged and loyal customers.

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