The Best Under Construction Page Plugins for WordPress: Find a Unique Way to Inform Your Visitors That Site Is Under Construction

If you are in the process of launching a website for the first time or making some changes to your existing website, you must inform your audience and potential visitors about it. The purpose is for visitors to be sure that the site has not only disappeared but that works are in progress and that the site will be available soon.

One of the most commonly used methods is to use the WordPress under construction plugin or maintenance mode plugin. There are a lot of these add-ons on the market. Also, to make your choice more accessible, we will introduce you to the best under-construction page WordPress plugins.




First on the list of the best under construction page plugins for WordPress is a free plugin with more than 200,000 active installations. Also, it is vital to mention that the number of users has a constant upward trajectory. Designed by a team of experts behind the WebFactory company, UnderConstructionPage.

UCP template 1

It is an add-on that is extremely easy to set up and use, installs quickly, and has a comfortable look. It offers users a unique way to prepare your website that is under construction. After installation, all you have to do is choose a theme that suits your requirements, specify a name, select a few settings and press a button that will start the whole process.

UCP template 2

An automatic location of the date and time of completion of the process under construction mode is available. You can integrate it with other applications such as Google Analytics, with which it is possible to track the number of visits and their locations.

UCP template 3

Furthermore, the plugin offers the ability to add any content, social icons, and many other features available in the free version. We can also highlight adding pop-ups or sync with MailChimp and other similar applications. Using these applications will enable us to send automatic emails about events on the website.

What is essential to single out is the availability of over 30 different themes that you can run and use for your website. In addition to the availability of various themes, we will also emphasize the ease of their installation and editing. Each week, the WebFactory expert team works diligently to add a new theme, enabling the use of over 300,000 photos at an additional cost.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Another add-on from the WebFactory add-on family is called Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode. This type of add-on is slightly different from its predecessor, but the purpose is mainly the same. And its purpose is to inform potential visitors that the site is currently under construction or coming soon. The accessory is known for its minimalist look and ease of use.

CSMM template 1

It allows users to completely customize almost all page elements, from colors, images, fonts, content, and much more. It is possible to create your CSS or HTML code and have complete control over each segment of your page. Also, you can collect emails by integrating the plugin with the MailChimp application. The add-on can work with any WordPress theme or any other installed add-on.

CSMM template 2

However, when it comes to themes, it is the same as the previous appendix. The availability of themes is diverse, and their editing is reduced to an elementary level. In addition, you can choose from over 80 available themes, using a variety of Instagram filters, content animations, or a selection from an extensive collection.

CSMM template 3

You get access to over 600,000 top-quality images that will leave a much better overall impression of your website. When customizing and editing themes, you can also use some of Google’s previously integrated fonts. Aside from the themes, there are other tools for studying and examining all of the events to keep you updated.

All of this is available in the tool’s free edition, but upgrading to a subscription plan unlocks more features and options, such as the opportunity to use a lifetime license.



To end today’s list of suggestions, we add another add-on from the WebFactory product family, called Maintenance mode. It is a site maintenance plugin that allows users to close a website due to its regular maintenance.

The process of editing and customizing the layout is straightforward and accessible on all devices. You can add a logo, background images, choose a color, or add a text entry. Its popularity reflects in over 300,000 active user bases.

After launching this add-on, in addition to notifying you that the page is under maintenance, a minimalist icon will appear on the website with which you can log in to the website. In addition to the mentioned options, the plugin also offers the possibility of background blur.

Also, there is an element of using Google Analytics, editing HTML / CSS code to have complete control over the design. Suppose you opt for the premium add-on option. In that case, you can set a countdown, set wallpaper with the opportunity to overlay, use and download background video from YouTube or Vimeo, and integrate with MailChimp or GetResponse.


Summarizing all the above, under construction pages are a winning marketing strategy if you decide to launch a new website. It has become an indispensable item that helps you create and spread the word about your website in this day and age. There is even an option to go with custom made under construction pages for your website if you have a specific design on your mind. However, you would need to find a reliable custom web design agency that can implement these properly.

Furthermore, to improve overall SEO, gather potential visitors, and more. We have reviewed all the available accessories for you and selected the best ones. With our modest list, you have an insight into the detailed descriptions of the listed supplements, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Before choosing and installing an add-on, you need to find out more to know if the add-on is in line with your requirements and needs. If no add-on matches your requirements and needs, hiring a web agency Morocco is always an option.

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