25 Unlisten Benefits of Jailbreaking (Exclusive)

Background A jailbreak is the act of gaining root access to your iPhone.

This term usually refers to hacking methods for iOS, but can sometimes refer to other smartphones as well; this also includes non-cellular devices like the iPod Touch.


Ultimate Benefits Of Jailbreaking

A jailbreak allows you to open up an operating system (iOS) that has been limited by carriers or manufacturers and do things that are not normally possible on smartphones like having the ability to download different applications directly onto your phone instead of through an application store.

Although there are many benefits to jailbreaking, it does come with risks and may void the warranty on your device so it’s important you know what you’re getting into before taking any steps.

Unlocking iPhones carrier

Unlocking iPhones carrier settings are locked down by the carrier you purchased your phone from.

This means that even though there are over 10,000+ applications that can be downloaded directly to your phone, they are not accessible because your iPhone is locked into using only certain applications.

For example, an AT&T iPhone cannot use applications like Twitter, in t/iFon t Messenger (now called TextNow ), Google Voice, and many other great tools.

An unlocked iPhone has no limitations to what it can do and will give you access to a greater amount of programs to enhance your iOS experience.

Customization Apple

Customization Apple chose different methods for their operating system which restricts customization of devices because third-party developers have limited control over the software.

Jailbreaking allows you to install different tweaks and apps that allow you to edit and design your iOS experience to fit your style.

Freeing your phone Jailbreaking

Freeing your phone Jailbreaking is free and it’s as easy as downloading an application on Cydia called “Cydia Impactor.”

This also means that there are no subscriptions or charges for anything related to jailbreaking (although some people choose to donate).

Although jailbreaking may void the warranty of your device, Apple does fix them usually with a small fee if you’ve successfully validated the existence of a jailbreak on the device; otherwise, they may refuse coverage because they claim it was accidental damage.

Multitasking Gestures

There are many new features available on jailbroken devices. For example, you can control your device from a computer or customize how notification banners appear.

Unfortunately, some of Apple’s new updates like iOS 6 act like jailbreaking is not even possible by using complex security features.

Although there are ways around the protection (which gets patched quite often), it can be hard for average users to run into problems with this because they don’t know any better.

Adding functionality

Adding functionality Even though Apple says that you cannot download applications directly onto your phone without going through the App Store.

This means that you can download apps that are not available on the App Store. You do this by downloading apps from a .ipa file instead of iTunes. You are not limited to what is in the App Store.

Accessing your files

People who want complete control of their devices might consider jailbreaking.

Jailbreaking is a way to get access to all your files on your iOS device. You can find voice memos, ringtones, iBooks, photos, music, and videos.

There are also many other features that aren’t allowed by Apple which you can use with jailbreaking.

Replacing files

Replacing files (backing up & restoring) One of the benefits of being able to access all directories on your device means that you have the ability to edit or replace applications, libraries, preferences, etc.

For example, you can download an app from Cydia and then turn off your phone’s 3G.

Then that app will work even if your phone is out of wi-fi range because it connects using cellular data instead.

It is important for average users who do not know better to avoid doing this since it could cause permanent damage to their phone.

Installing new apps & extensions (tweaks)

The app store for jailbroken devices is called Cydia (where you can download all kinds of free and paid applications).

Cydia has some good features. One is that it can turn your screen into a keyboard if you don’t have one on your phone.

You can also use gestures to do things like undo mistakes that you’ve made when typing or customize the dock where you keep all of your apps. You can even upload files without having to use iTunes!

Thanks to download managers like Filza File Manager, people can restore important data after upgrading their iOS without using iTunes.

They also can see duplicate contacts with merged info. You can even read PDFs, eBooks, and play music or videos in the background even if your phone is locked!

If you want to download a ringtone or notification tone, but do not have enough money, download it without paying. If you want more search engines in Safari, add them.

You can name sections on your phone like “Work” or “Personal.” The apps will only show up when you are in that section.

More free storage space

You can change your phone’s settings to allow you to use other programs on it without paying for an iTunes service.

Protecting your device from malware

If you don’t jailbreak your phone and only download apps from the App Store, you may be opening yourself up to security risks. For example, if someone hacks your phone and gets a password for it, they can take full control of your device.

Jailbreaking means that there is no password to protect these binaries.

Malicious software is something that can do bad things. It can make your computer stop working, or steal your passwords.

Jailbreaking helps you avoid all these risks because it disables the restrictions placed by Apple; therefore, allowing you to install trusted apps only which are not available through the App Store.

Using multiple languages at once

Applications like Google Voice allow users to set notifications in various different languages but require a separate app for each language that must be installed separately after enabling the language in Settings>General>International>Language.

Conversely, jailbroken devices can actually change their entire system interface into another language thanks to Springtomize; just download the correct files follow the instructions provided by Cydia, and voila! You can now read all system menus in your desired language.

Using your device even when your battery is drained

Usually, the screen of an iOS device turns off after 5 seconds if it is not being used thanks to auto-lock; however, jailbroken devices offer more options thanks to winterboard, DisplayOut, or LockInfo.

For example, you could download LockInfo which allows you to set different functions for double-clicking the home button (such as playing music, activating voice control, etc.)

So that even if your battery dies on the road you will still be able to listen to some tunes by simply clicking twice.

Unlimited app storage space

Apple lets you download apps in the App Store, but in some file managers, it is possible to move any app into the root of your device without jailbreaking. This way, people can have more space for other files.

Jailbreaking is not illegal

Some people think that jailbreaking their phones is illegal. But really, it is not. Apple said that you can do it and it won’t get the company in trouble if you follow their instructions.

Decrease risk of identity theft

If you choose to share your location with apps like Foursquare or Facebook, Apple is able to know where you are. They can do this because of a new feature on the iPhone called “Location Services.” This stores every place you go in a file named “consolidated.DB.”

Apple has been giving information to the police. This can make people’s private data unsafe for them.

Jailbroken devices protect your privacy by not storing any app data on the device. The app only gets the permissions it needs from a list of what it can do and nothing more.

Using Siri on your device even if it’s not an iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S is expensive, but you can still use Siri. You just need a phone with iOS 5 or 6 and either siriProxy (for iOS 5) or Spire (for iOS 6).

Installing custom themes

One way to make your Apple mobile device look different is by downloading themes after jailbreaking.

There are many themes for download, which can charge your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad’s home screen with several different designs. You can choose from original wallpaper and icon sets or a full overhaul.

Downloading unofficial apps from Cydia

There are plenty of great apps that Apple does not offer in its App Store such as SBSettings, iFile, and OpenSSH which let you do more than what iOS allows.

These apps can be downloaded through Cydia after jailbreaking your device.

Playing classic

Some people want to play older console games on their phones. These people need a way to do it. They can download iDoom, SNES9x EX+, or PocketNES.

Setting up a VPN service on your device through OpenVPN

Some people might want to jailbreak their iPhone. That is because it can let you get a VPN connection that lets you connect to different servers in different countries, including Germany, Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, China, and the United States. This means that you can get access to international TV streams that would be blocked in other countries.

There are several ways to do this using Cydia apps like OpenVPN Client Pro, but since Apple has made changes restricting VPN usage in iOS 6 I recommend using MyWi if you have an iOS 5 or higher firmware.

Calling custom fonts

Just like how you can use custom themes, with a jailbroken device you can also download and install custom fonts to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad that look better than the standard ones.

Using display languages other than English

Since Apple offers very few language options for their iOS devices, through Cydia you can download Unicode, Keypress, and Language Switcher which allows users to type in different languages instead of just English.

This helps when typing text messages or instant messages with friends who live abroad by using characters they are familiar with.

Remapping physical buttons

One of the most notable benefits to jailbreaking is being able to remap certain buttons on your Apple mobile device such as volume controls or home button presses for multitasking gestures.

It makes it easier to use your iPhone when you create shortcuts with apps like Auxo 2, SBSettings, or Button Savior.

Accessing free Wi-Fi hotspots

Some people jailbreak their phones just for the internet.

They want to use less data on the phone. If they live in a place where there are no Starbucks, or if they can’t get WiFi, this is a good way to use the phone without using too much of their data.

Some of the apps we have are for 3G and WiFi. They can tell you where to look for a hotspot with a bad connection.

Other tools like iAP Cracker and iPhone Tracker will show you where to find wifi at places like McDonald’s or other shops.

The benefits of jailbreaking may not be evident to everyone but the real reason why users jailbreak their devices is simply because they can; if you have other reasons, feel free to post them in the comments below!

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