5 Reason why should root your android device now

Whether you have a Galaxy device, a Nexus 4 or another Android device, root is here for you. You might not have root simply because you don’t know what root does and why should root your android device.

In fact, after reading this article I’m sure root will be a must-have on your smartphone. Let me share with you 5 reasons why root is great and definitely should become part of your Android world as fast as possible:

I guess that almost everyone knows about rooting – otherwise it would be impossible to talk about pros and benefits of root.

If someone doesn’t know what root is (let’s call them Molly) we should make something clear first: root basically means superuser access to the root directory of your smartphone.

Once you root your phone, root gets access to almost anything on the system partition (that’s where all the important things are) and it allows you to do a whole lot more with your device.

Basically root is like a boss key that unlocks hidden features in the Android operating system. Root is also required for some apps that can’t run unless they have root privileges – Lucky Patcher app being one of them , but I’ll get back to this later on.


Benefits of root for a smartphone:

More control over different aspects of your device:

Once you root your android device, you gain total control over parts like CPU clock speeds, sleep modes, RAM usage – even wakelocks! That’s basically a thing you can’t do without root.

Disable bloatware

Yes, root is the only way to rid yourself from software that comes preinstalled with your phone or tablet. This kind of apps often have very limited functionality and may cause problems, so root is the best solution for blocking any bloatware forever.

Free up storage space by transferring files to a computer

I already mentioned this in one of my previous articles – root lets you move large files between internal storage and microSD card , which can be very useful if your smartphone doesn’t have much internal memory available at all times.

Backup (flash ROMs)

Root access allows you to flash custom ROMs such as CyanogenMod, which gives you more options for modifying your phone. Flashing new ROMs can solve most problems you may encounter on your smartphone, so root is the only way to get root-only apps and modify core system functions of Android.

You can also root your device just to unbrick it – if something happens to your phone, rooting will solve most software problems with relatively few side effects.

Easily remove bloatware

After root access is gained, root package disabler , an app that comes along with root tools does the job for you! Just install any root removal app from Google Play Store and disable all preinstalled apps in no time.

Wrapping Up

If you’re an Android user and haven’t rooted your device, it’s time to get started. The benefits of rooting are clear and we’ve covered them all in this article – so why not start? We’ll help you root with the best possible guide for your smartphone model. Just contact us today!

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