4 Things Your Tech Company Will Benefit From

Have you just started a new tech company? Or, have you been running one for a while and looking to scale your business? For the last two years, companies have radically pivoted their operations, processes, and products to focus on business sustainability during the pandemic.

But, as things slowly return to normal, what that means for you now is that there are a plethora of evolved services and products to choose from. The market has been overloaded with many new products and services that will help you accelerate your strategic growth.

So we looked at what’s new, improved, and available for you to integrate into your business. From simple business tweaks to significant operational changes, we unpacked what tech companies are currently implementing to grow their business.


Sophisticated Cloud Solutions

If you have not already moved to the cloud, we ask, why not? During the global lockdowns and restrictions imposed on corporates, those companies that had not already shifted the majority of their functions to the cloud found themselves simply unable to work.

Not only were they not able to access vital customer information, but their staff was unable to work from home.

Services like Veaam Cloud Connect ensure that the whole process is streamlined. You are fully covered from transferring all of your data and information to the cloud to protection and security.

Processes are simplified, especially with remote teams, by making it easy to store your backups off-site without the cost and complexity of managing a second infrastructure.

Veeam Cloud Connect

Data protection is also heightened with cloud services. They ensure that your data is as safe as it would be in your dedicated off-site repository by encrypting your backup at source, in-flight, and at rest. You can also access your backups quickly and easily without affecting your bandwidth.

Multiple Access Points for Customers

As a tech company, it is imperative to know that different customers have different preferences with companies. While some feel more comfortable accessing your site via desktop, others prefer on-the-go mobile options, and even further, some only engage via apps.

Having these various options available increases the opportunities for conversions. Apps, in particular, are increasing conversion rates substantially. This is why tech brands are usually encouraged to find out how to develop an app and start making use of this highly profitable platform.

Apps firstly provide you with direct access to communicate and engage with your customer. Push notifications are a great way to alert them to anything new, on special offer, or that they should be aware of. Apps also reduce the sales funnel.

Creating and accessing an established profile with preloaded payment details, going from product pages to checkout and delivery, is swift and easy, reducing cart abandonment.

A Solid Business Plan

Again, whether you are just starting or have been going for a while, your company’s business plan is an absolute must. This not only allows you to map out your unique selling point but also allows you to identify mid-to-long-term strategic goals and track your progress toward them.

It also allows you to map your competitors and customers for your brand to stay relevant throughout the year. But, one of the essential functions of a business plan is to benefit third parties.

An adaptable, editable, and up-to-date business plan is ideal for sending to potential investors and partners in a business. It is also helpful to convert into a marketing proposal for landing new clients.

Codes on the screen

Effective Tools to Measure, Monitor, and Test Everything

The last thing that we recommend to tech companies is that they overlook time and time again. There are tons of tools and platforms that you can use to measure and monitor data flowing into your company. This data can come from basically anywhere—your site, social platforms, emails, and even suppliers and customers directly.

A great example is Google Analytics. This helps you track and measure the traffic coming into your site. Where is it coming from? How is it behaving on your site? Where do the most bounces happen? With a tool like this, you can see just how effective your campaigns are and plan future campaigns to be effective.

It is also worth your while to get into various A/B testing platforms and strategies. If your company is in its infancy, especially, it helps to know from the outset what converts customers and what doesn’t.

Is your text practical? Are your CTAs working? A/B testing allows you to compare two different variants of an element with each other to see what converts higher. This way, you will know that you have your site completely optimized from the get-go.

Bottom Line

In wrapping up, one of the most important things is to keep your tools, platforms, and solutions as fresh as you can. Keep up with global trends and what is developing in the tech world to assist you with specific tasks.

Automation is everything right now and not only reduces the resources that you are using but frees up your time to concentrate on scaling your business.

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